If I Take a Break, am I Broken?

September 15, 2015

The fabulous Daisybrain Blog is on holiday at the moment. The author is busy experiencing life, and will return with thrilling new blog posts shortly.

In the meantime, please browse through any or all of our 459 posts. Simply click the INDEX tap & randomly select a post from the list.

Alternatively, you can see where this daisy leads:


Fake Definitions… from Daisybrain

September 7, 2015
  • Zoology: The study of zoos
  • Astronomy: The study of asses
  • Sociology: The study of sociopaths
  • Rhinology: The study of Rhinos
  • Sarcology: The study of sarcasm
  • Cardiology: The study of playing cards
  • Cosmetology: The study of the cosmos
  • Urology: The study of Euros
  • Proctology: The study of Proctor & Gamble
  • Volcanology: The study of Vulcans
  • Meteorology: The study of meteors
  • Pathology: The study of paths
  • Radiology: The study of Radios
  • Seismology: The study of sizes
  • Topology: The study of tops
  • Otolaryngology: A totally meaningless word that hospitals put on placards to impress people

And now, an image of a flower, the clicking of which will lead to a Daisybrain post, of my choosing:


A Single, Short Poem About All of Us

September 3, 2015


Human beings:

Happy, decaying blobs of quickly putrefying rot

painfully isolated water droplets seeking and fearing merger

self-aware matter freaked out by the obvious


That’s today’s poem from Daisybrain. Click this daisy to see more Daisybrain:


In-Between Poetry

August 26, 2015

In-Between Heart

Home is where my heart is.

But I can’t find my heart.

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Free Idea #19: Fridge Poster

August 10, 2015


Anyone who is, has been, or currently lives with, a teenager knows that their favorite past-time is staring blankly at the food in the refrigerator. Often this occurs on the way to the dinner table, which can confuse parents who have already prepared food for the teenager to consume. Typically, the following conversation proceeds:

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Blow Your Mind with these Totally Random Blog Post Items

July 31, 2015

Catchy Slogans Seemingly Devoid of Meaning:

Ignore the ignorant!

Expunge the sponges!

Down With Gravity!


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Why I am Meh About Bernie Sanders

July 26, 2015
Michael P. King/Wisconsin State Journal/AP

Michael P. King/Wisconsin State Journal/AP

I have been troubled by my own lack of enthusiasm for the Bernie Sanders presidential candidacy. In the past, I’ve always been an energetic supporter; Bernie for Mayor, Bernie for House, Bernie for Senate – count me in! When Benrnie was elected to the US Senate, I loved how the media couldn’t mention his name without prefacing it with “The self-avowed socialist….” I made a lapel button that said “Self-Avowed” and set it to him.

So why now, with the conspicuous lack of a progressive presidential candidate in the mix, do I find myself so “meh” about Bernie? In fact, on some deep level that I have had trouble understanding, I’ve even felt a bit disappointed that he’s running for president.

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