In-Between Poetry

August 26, 2015

In-Between Heart

Home is where my heart is.

But I can’t find my heart.

I’ve spent my whole life in-between

In-between generations

In-between cultures

In-between relationships

In-between homes

If I found my heart, I could dwell there, at home


In-Between Freedom and Security

I’ve always followed:

girlfriends across the country to their schools and jobs

the curriculum

the map, as best I could

the gps, even to dead ends

I’ve been told I’m a good leader

but even then, I’m following other leaders

the tension between freedom and security

is what defines the human condition

when I emerge from confinement

where will I find the balance

without autonomy

can I be free?

how much freedom do I want?


In-Between Earth and Sky

What am I?

In-Between Earth and Sky

Sentient Stardust

Pulled toward the Sky

Pulled back to the Earth

Alive for now

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Free Idea #19: Fridge Poster

August 10, 2015


Anyone who is, has been, or currently lives with, a teenager knows that their favorite past-time is staring blankly at the food in the refrigerator. Often this occurs on the way to the dinner table, which can confuse parents who have already prepared food for the teenager to consume. Typically, the following conversation proceeds:

“What are you looking for?”


“You don’t need anything from the fridge; your dinner is waiting for you on the table.”

“I’m just looking.”


“No reason.”

This is normal teenage behavior. It can’t be explained. But what happens if that teenager moves off to college? They will be stuck in a room with either no refrigerator, or some tiny refrigerator that can’t be easily stood in front of and stared into. What will they do? I have the solution:

A life-sized poster of an open refrigerator for the dorm wall. This will relieve stress and ease the transition to college. You can make a million dollars by producing and selling these posters, even though I thought of it first. All you have to do is include a made up item of food on the refrigerator shelf, labeled “Skooploff,” as your artistic payment to me. Or, if you prefer, “Daisybrain pudding.”


Blow Your Mind with these Totally Random Blog Post Items

July 31, 2015

Catchy Slogans Seemingly Devoid of Meaning:

Ignore the ignorant!

Expunge the sponges!

Down With Gravity!


From now on, all English will be based on Barack Obama’s name. Here are some examples of new words from Obamaspeak:





Baractober (the only official month)


Band Name Ideas:

  • High Bias
  • Fresh Beets
  • The Notables
  • Hippopotamusic
  • Chronotes
  • The Acappellastics
  • Benedict CumberBach
  • Bandrogynous
  • Ignoramusic
  • Possihibillities
  • Urband
  • Suburband
  • Bandrew Jackson
  • Albert Camusic

Store Name Ideas:

  • A flower shop: Flower to the People
  • A gardening store: Mulch Ado Abut Nothing. When it goes out of business, I’ll put up a big sign that says, “I don’t get out mulch anymore.”


Matriarchal Question~

How come a kingdom ruled by a queen is still called a kingdom, and not a queendom?

Metaphysical Question~

What are the differences, if any, between Prana, qi, spirit, soul, God, the Self, Brahman, Love, reiki energy, etc.?

Failed Pun:

I was sitting here trying to come up with a pun to end this blog post. It occurred to me that “knee” was pronounced the same as “-ny,” as in the word “funny.” Trying to come up with a joke involving a knee, perhaps about a comedian that was a talking knee, I combined the two words on paper, and saw that it came out: fuknee. At that moment, I knew that however promising the pun sounded in my head, visually it would not work. It was such a bad fail, in fact, that I decided to go ahead and end my blog post with it. Fuknee: a knee trying to be funny, but offending people.


And now, a flower to click. Good luck.



Why I am Meh About Bernie Sanders

July 26, 2015
Michael P. King/Wisconsin State Journal/AP

Michael P. King/Wisconsin State Journal/AP

I have been troubled by my own lack of enthusiasm for the Bernie Sanders presidential candidacy. In the past, I’ve always been an energetic supporter; Bernie for Mayor, Bernie for House, Bernie for Senate – count me in! When Benrnie was elected to the US Senate, I loved how the media couldn’t mention his name without prefacing it with “The self-avowed socialist….” I made a lapel button that said “Self-Avowed” and set it to him.

So why now, with the conspicuous lack of a progressive presidential candidate in the mix, do I find myself so “meh” about Bernie? In fact, on some deep level that I have had trouble understanding, I’ve even felt a bit disappointed that he’s running for president.

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Desperately Important New Words and Thoughts from Daisybrain

July 8, 2015

Unlike some new word sites, you do not have to pay me a royalty every time you use these words. But a tip would be nice.

Flossophy – the philosophy of dental care

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Perfection in Flaws

June 23, 2015

If God is the creator of the universe, and the universe is not perfect, how can God be perfect? Certainly, there appear to be flaws in creation – from disease and war to Donald Trumps’s hair-thing. The question for me is, can something simultaneously be both flawed and perfect?

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Four Poems that Begin with the Line, “Between Earth and Sky am I”

May 12, 2015


Between Earth and Sky

Am I

Bandied about by grand forces of nature

Stay rooted

Bend don’t break

Bend don’t break

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