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October 24, 2016

Just like the @ sign for “at,” there should be signs for “before” and “after,” something like this: and

new-note-3 andnew-note-2

Here is some Trump Haiku:


This Haiku is rigged

It is against Donald Trump

It is so unfair


Whatever I said

Whatever I may have done

It is all her fault


All of your problems

Are caused by a foreign group

Who look down at you

And some Clinton Haiku, too!


It is just my turn

Donald would destroy the world

Nothing can stop me


I can do this job

My opponent is a Smurf

A dangerous Smurf


I am on your side

I advocate for children

Please don’t read my mail

Silly things about TV shows:

  • Nobody ever waits for their coffee to cool down before drinking it.
  • No one says “Goodbye” when they hang up the phone.
  • People don’t like to face one another when talking to each other; they generally stand side by side.
  • On The Flash, Cisco & Caitlin keep loose paper on their desk for the sole purpose of it blowing into the air every time the Flash runs off. You’d think after a couple of years of this, they’d get a paper weight.
  • If it’s a show from the BBC or a superhero show (other than Luke Cage), most everybody is white except the boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • Children can be replaced with completely different children and not even their parents notice (examples include Monk, Frasier & Modern Family).

And now, a daisy which, if you click it, will take you somewhere:


Three Poems. Not Two. Not Even Four, But Three.

October 21, 2016

Rotten Teeth

They give up their teeth

They give up their jobs

And their children

They defend their ego

“Take my teeth,” they say

He misses his 12 children

A new baby will grow up

With dad in an endless time out.


It’s the system, not their fault.

They got screwed. It’s unfair.

But this time it will be different.

This is the last time.

They gave away their rotten teeth.

The Eyes of God

When I see with love

Those are the eyes of God seeing through me

Living Bridge

I will melt into this poem

And emerge with the truth

A bridge from rock to God;

No longer shall I phase between the shadows

I shall build my home

of rock and spirit

And fill it with real things

And now a flower, in case you want to go there:


Why I’m Not Voting 3rd Party

October 17, 2016


I’m a big supporter of the Green Party; I’ve attended Green Party meetings and voted for Green Party candidates, even in Presidential elections. I’ve always believed that you should vote your conscience if you ever want anything to change.

However, we have a winner-take-all system of elections. We don’t have a parliamentary system that would allow 4% of Congress to be Green if 4% of us voted for the Green Party. Instead, if 4% of us vote Green, the government could be taken over by Donald Trump and a band of alt-right extremists.

We should have a parliamentary system. We should have instant run-off elections, where voters are free to vote for a third party knowing that if it doesn’t get a majority, their 2nd choice candidate will receive their vote. We should also get rid of the electoral college. These are all reforms that third parties should fight for. But they have to do it from local and state offices and sometimes, although extremely difficult, US congressional offices.

The system has to be reformed, but it can’t be reformed if we are putting our energies and votes into the Presidential race where we may end up feeling good about our individual vote while living in an increasingly repressive country where the reforms we seek slip further and further away.

Until we have a proportional democracy, where we could build a stronger presence in Congress year after year, it makes no sense to vote for a third party for President. Because let’s face it, there’s a big difference between a Clinton presidency, that may be mediocre and supportive of the status quo, and the chaos of a Trump presidency.

One could make the argument that by helping to throw the election to Trump, we would force the Democrats to pay more attention to the issues important to, say the Green party in order for them to win those voters back. But, regardless of whether the Democrats actually took that lesson to heart, I just don’t agree with the morality of punishing the Democrats by punishing the entire world with a Trump regime.

I have to admit that my decision has been made easier this time around because I find the third party candidates much less compelling, and even less able to articulate their party’s platforms, than in previous years. But even if someone with a consistent message I agreed with, such as Ralph Nader were running, I don’t think that I could take the risk this time. It’s just too scary. Every election, we are told that this is the most important election in our lifetimes by the candidates, in order to drum up enthusiasm. But this time, it’s true.

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Daisybrain Rates Super Hero TV Shows

October 12, 2016


Like all of America, I have been trained since birth to watch and enjoy super hero movies and TV shows. Here are six currently available on Netflix and/or iTunes. I have rated them, in case you just came into existence and haven’t seen them for yourself, or are incapable of forming your own opinion.

Let’s start with the worst & work our way to the best!

6. Supergirl –

Admittedly, I only sat through one episode. Synopsis: A blond White woman with unlimited powers is stuck with the moniker “Super-Girl.” The limiting fatal flaw with any DC Super-Whoever premise is that the hero is so absurdly powerful that s/he always has to have Kryptonite and/or other aliens from their home planet show up to challenge them. As an aside, why is the universe filled with English speaking White people with American accents? I mean, they are a minority even here on Earth.

5. The Flash –

Trying my best to make it through all the seasons, but it’s painful to listen to the “science” mumbo jumbo: “We need to transfix the time speed inhibitor! Cisco! Put the deflabulator time parallax inhibitor into a watch to suck out Ice Man’s super abilities by this afternoon!” Plus any show that messes with time travel makes no sense whatsoever. Viewers have to suspend all rational thought.

4. Daredevil –

Famously good fight scenes. Mixed acting; weak premise (blind superhero has such inexplicably super senses that he’s essentially invulnerable – what’s the point to his blindness? It’s like he’s pretending to be blind).

3. Jessica Jones –

Strong female characters in an otherwise male-centric show; introduction of Luke Cage.

2. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. –

Annoying to have to type all the periods in “S.H.I.E.L.D.” But likable characters. Yet another world of very physically attractive heroes and villains.

1. Luke Cage –

Best Writing & Acting; complex characters. Breaks from many tired, cliché TV roles and stereotypes of women and people of color. Deals directly (although in a fantasy comic book way) with current cultural & political issues, including the relationship between police and unarmed Black men. The language & sex are directed to an adult audience, by the way. Luke Cage is hands-down the number one super hero show on TV and I recommend it highly.

Fun fact: A character named Claire Temple works her way up from show to show – from Daredevil to Jessica Jones to Luke Cage. She’s a TV comic book meme, kind of like Star Trek’s Chief O’Brien, and can never die.

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The Universe Demands to Know What it is

September 24, 2016


I exploded. I don’t remember anything before that. I was energy. I was matter and energy. I’ve had lots of smaller explosions since, but nothing as big as that first one. And now, here I am, thinking about it. My consciousness isn’t centered in just this one head of mine. I think I have different pieces of the puzzle of what I am in minds scattered all over.

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September 9, 2016


There’s some kind of leak between my dreams and my so-called reality. It used to be one way, the normal way: bits and pieces of my life show up randomly in dreams. You know, your dog is in your dream, giving you advice, and she’s also your mother. But ever since April 13th, dream-stuff has been appearing in my waking world. For example, as I am writing this, I’m sitting in a café in Vermont, and on the chalk-written menu is raisin-flavored kombucha. Yes, Vermont is full of the hippy probiotic drink kombucha. But nobody really makes raison-flavored kombucha. It’s something I dreamed last night, along with the kombucha-flavored, vegan, raw chocolate cream pie, which I just noticed is also on display here in this café. It makes me wonder what else I’m seeing that I forget I dreamed up.

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Disconnected Thoughts

September 5, 2016


Here are some things I’ve been thinking today. If we were eating a meal together, I would probably figure out a way to inject them into the conversation. But because I have no social life, I am sharing them here, in this blog post, with random strangers, lurkers and family members checking up on me.

  • Why We’re Hearing More Racist Comments in “Polite Society”
    • I believe that future social scientists will come to the conclusion that one result of Barack Obama’s presidency was a resurgence in public sphere racist dialogue. Not just as a reaction to Obama, but Obama gave racists an opportunity to say racist stuff that heretofore had been discouraged in public, under the guise of complaining about a President, and it just grew from there.

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