Perfection in Flaws

June 23, 2015

If God is the creator of the universe, and the universe is not perfect, how can God be perfect? Certainly, there appear to be flaws in creation – from disease and war to Donald Trumps’s hair-thing. The question for me is, can something simultaneously be both flawed and perfect?

When I think of a puppy, I think of perfection, even if it’s tail is bent or it pees on the carpet. A flower may have petals that are not perfectly symmetrical, but that flower is perfect just the way it is. This is because perfection, and flaws, are the products of perception; they are in the eye of the beholder. Outside of judgement, what is just is.

If we can accept a puppy or a flower without judgement, can we accept a person, or the whole human race as perfect as is? And does this mean we have to give up trying to improve things?

Let’s look at that puppy. It’s perfect, even with its quirks. To the puppy’s owner, any odd behavior of the puppy tends to make it even more special and beloved. As the puppy grows up, the love you have for it grows as well. You might be temporarily irritated when your dog barks at inopportune moments, but, as with your child, you still love your dog. Or not. Either way, your dog’s perfection or lack thereof is something that you ascribe to it.

Can you love yourself without judgement even as you change and improve over time? And, along the way, can you accept yourself as perfect? That’s asking a lot. But if it’s possible, then it’s possible to accept another human being just as they are as well.

If there were no flaws – if everyone played the saxophone without error, everyone scored 100% on every math test, and everyone spoke only the truth in the most beautiful and precise way possible – would there be any point to life? It seems to me that everything and everybody would be indistinguishable and therefore boring.

So, while a flawless universe would be pointless, there may be perfection in a universe filled with flaws.

Beneath this daisy lies the soul of a fly:


Four Poems that Begin with the Line, “Between Earth and Sky am I”

May 12, 2015


Between Earth and Sky

Am I

Bandied about by grand forces of nature

Stay rooted

Bend don’t break

Bend don’t break



Between Earth and Sky

Am I

Never figured out my place

Not a member of the human race

Can’t navigate this terrain

There’s something wrong with my brain

Looking in from outside

Didn’t know I was meant to hide

Not part of a generation

Don’t know how to get a vocation

I slipped between the cracks of time

I saw the reason but not the rhyme

Standing there but not connected

In a crowd but undetected

Sandwiched between Earth and Sky

Don’t know how to live or die



Between Earth and Sky

Am I

Breathing life into dirt

Holding together the Universe

The mind of God

There is no one to remember me

There is only me

At this moment

And then someone else



Between Earth and Sky

Am I

How is it that I’m thinking?

How much of me is me?

And how can there be no me?

These first questions came from me

Then I had a nightmare

A long imagined dream

It’s a very strange thing to be killed by your own species


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Daisy #1



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Help Nepal

April 28, 2015

Here are some good nonprofits to donate to in our efforts to help the people of Nepal:

  1. Oxfam
  2. United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF)
  3. Direct Relief
  4. Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

If you would like to look up a specific charity to see how trustworthy and efficient it may be, I suggest checking it out on Charity Navigator. Here is Charity Navigator’s list of three and four-star nonprofits working on Nepal relief efforts:

My Breath

April 18, 2015

always there


regardless of my attention

from first giving life

until release of life

my dedicated guide

never giving up on me

I can follow and live with purpose

or just drift along

the calming presence

If I stay grounded but light

it always carries me in the right direction

connecting a lump of earth like me to the heavens

Some explorations of ego and consciousness, beneath this flower:


Spiritual License Plates

April 12, 2015

First of all, I would like to apologize for my the recent sparsity of my blog posts. I am going through a difficult time. However, I have a post for you here, which I had intended to publish a week ago, and have decided to go ahead and share now. I’ll try to keep blogging when I can. Life is a strange journey.

In my state, license plates must be seven characters long. It’s common for people to choose their own “vanity” plates instead of letting the state choose random letters and numbers for them. My car’s plate is EMPATHY, which reflects my core values. I use my plate as a reminded for me not to get angry or judge other drivers who make mistakes.

I cave compiled a list of seven letter plates that speak to our higher selves. So, without any further ado, here is my list of spiritual license plates:





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…But Do They Date?

April 4, 2015

I have decided to base my vote for US President on how datable a candidate is. I have painstakingly searched Google for the phrase, “my date with [fill in candidates name]” to see what the dating public thinks of the potential candidates, and I have received some surprising results:

“my date with Elizabeth Warren” – 0 results

“my date with Jeb Bush” – 0 results

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Secret Histories

April 1, 2015

Some things not taught in history, probably because they muddle up the stories…

The American Revolution: Fighting Against Freedom

During the American Revolution, Britain proclaimed that any American slaves who escaped their rebel masters and made it to British held territory would be freed.* Thousands risked their lives to take the British up on their offer, including some of George Washington’s slaves. Although the French friend of the Revolution, the Marquis de Lafayette, strongly urged Washington to free at least the slaves who fought for the colonists, Washington refused and, after the War, tried to convince Great Britain to return freed slaves to their former masters. The British declined, staying true to their word. Some were kidnapped by slave traders, but many thousands were evacuated by the British first to Nova Scotia and later to Great Britain. The Americans lobbied for years to get the British to pay compensation to the American slave owners who had lost their “property.”

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