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March 22, 2021

I am blogging, along with the entire Daisybrain staff, at Medium.

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Do You Suffer from OCD?

January 4, 2021

I write a blog on Medium, where I share my experiences with OCD and how I overcame my symptoms. You can find it here: OCD-FRee on Medium.

This site (Daisybrain on WordPress) is inactive now, as I have started blogging on Medium. WordPress imposed a terrible update that made blogging here too annoying.

You can follow my OCD & Spirituality writing on Medium, and/or you can read my goofy wordplay, poems & essays on my new Daisybrain blog.

To recap:

  • WordPress sucks, so I left it for Medium.
  • I have 2 blogs you are cordially invited to follow:
  1. OCD-Free (writings on OCD, spirituality and culture)
  2. New Daisybrain, where you can read about cheese, new words & the dangers of socks.

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December 11, 2020

I switched from blogging in WordPress to posting my writing on Medium because WordPress had “updated” to become too annoying to use. I realized when I got to Medium that it’s a paid service. Visitors can see a few articles every month for free but then have to join Medium for full access to content like my blog.

I am asking you to join Medium. I don’t know what they charge per month – I don’t have to join to read my blog posts – but if you join, you will have unfettered access to all of the wacky and insightful daisybrain content you have begrudgingly become accustomed to, *PLUS* my 2nd medium blog, where I post articles of a more spiritual nature.

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It’s hard to imagine a better deal. (Not impossible, just hard. Now stop trying.) More importantly, when Medium members read my material I get (very slightly so far) paid!

So, please consider moving on over to Medium with me. You’l learn new words, like poopinary! And, you may finally find out why trees don’t have to pee.


Amy Coney Barrett’s Cult

December 4, 2020

Republicans keep accusing Democrats of attacking Trump Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett’s faith. It’s a kind of pre-emptive attack, since Democrats aren’t engaging in the argument at all. It’s a Wizard of Oz moment: Pay no attention to the man behind the screen.

The man behind the screen is patriarchy. I couldn’t care less about which religion Barrett ascribes to. Yes, Barrett is a cult member, but not because her specific faction of Catholicism is a cult, but because all religions are cults — Patriarchal cults.

There is a bizarre notion that a strong woman can be a feminist while enthralled by patriarchal anti-egalitarian beliefs. That ain’t feminism. The founding principle of feminism is that all people, regardless of sex and gender, are of equal value. An obvious corollary is that everyone can control their own bodies and consensual reproductive behavior. Someone who says they value the life of a zygote as much as an actualized human woman is not a feminist. A person who believes that a male god put women on Earth to serve their husbands is not a feminist, even if she also believes that God wants her to be a Supreme Court judge.

The purpose of every religion is to maintain social order, to keep societies functioning. The myths of religions can put order to people’s understanding of the universe, but the primary reason we have religion is to keep the rulers in charge, and the rulers are generally men. You may have been taught that religion exists to make people moral, that without a document saying “thou shall not kill,” people would go about killing each other every time someone is cut off in traffic. But the top-tier function of religion is to control the masses of people so that some people can have unchallenged power and jurisdiction of other people.

How can an ordinary, or even a super-super-intelligent ordinary person fall for this? How can a person of color support a white supremacist president, or a woman believe her role is to serve men? It’s called internalized oppression: Internalized racism, internalized sexism, internalized homophobia. That’s the power of culture — it indoctrinates from an early age; its toxic beliefs are passed on even unintentionally by adults to children. It can make a small fish think it’s being true to itself by serving a shark.

There are a lot of great spinoffs to religion: songs that make you feel good, bake sales…. But those are things that have been invented by the cult members to make the cult more palatable, to enhance the feeling of community and to comfort people is distress. As good as those things are, they don’t erase the fundamental fact that the congregants are members of a patriarchal cult designed to maintain the dominion of men over others.

Note: This article was originally posted to my OCD-Free blog on Medium (which you should all be following). However, because it doesn’t fit well with the theme of that blog, I have decided to remove it and place it here, where no one cares. If you miss Daisybrain posts, and I know you do, follow both of my Medium blogs:



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October 23, 2020

Here’s my latest poem, which I think is one of my most important.

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Whether you are a new visitor or a long-time friend, thank you very much for all of your support and interest in Daisybrain over the years. I invite you to stay in touch through Medium.

WordPress Sucks, but I still Blog… (see below)

October 15, 2020

Here’s my latest!

Amy Coney Barrett’s Cult

Where am I?

October 5, 2020

Where has Eric/Daisybrain gone? I stopped trying to post my posts on WordPress, because their “upgrade” sucked so badly. Instead, you can find/follow/support me here:

Daisybrain on Medium

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Due to Suckage of WordPress, my posts can now be found of Medium

September 4, 2020

Hello, people who are not me,

I am no longer posting on WordPress because a new update makes the site too annoying to use, except to use it to tell you that I’m not using it.

I have TWO Medium sites, both of which will save the universe:

Daisybrain on Medium


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Feel free too keep reading my thousands of fascinating posts on this very Daisybrain WordPress site; hopefully they will stay archived here until the next apocalypse.

But I also urge you to join Medium and follow both of my new blogs. You’ll find some familiar Daisybrain material that are essential for your continued survival, as well as new work that goes beyond the scope of the old Daisybrain. Your mind will achieve bogglement.

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The End of Daisybrain. Long Live… Daisybrain!

September 2, 2020

Friends, followers, casual trespassers: WordPress has imposed a “Block Editor” update that suuuuuuuuuuucks. After 11 years, I have decided to leave the platform.

Please see all future (and some past) Daisybrain posts here.

By the way, I also blog here.

Pandemic Poetry Part Song*

August 30, 2020
Image for post

Chaos of Contagion

How to cope with the Chaos of Contagion?

The confusion of conventions

The conflicts over comportment

Floating, floating, floating, floating, floating

No solid ground to land on

Civilization grinding to a halt

Opening opportunities of expression

Look at me floating above

Suspended in animation

It’s a good time to reassess


Comedy Writers Have Taken Over the universe

Who is writing this shit?

Clearly, comedy writers have taken over reality.

My guess is it’s George Carlin & Andy Kaufmann

Today’s headline was a perfect gem of nihilistic humor:

NASA says there is a 0.41% chance that an asteroid will hit us the day before the US election.

Given the mutated time stream we have slipped into, I’ll translate that as a 100% chance, maybe 110%.

This begs the obvious question of where would we most like the asteroid to strike?

Political targets (Congress, the White House…) are too obvious. Carlin would want more irony, and Kaufmann would want less predictability.

Spoiler alert: Here are the top five targets:

  1. Mount Rushmore
  2. Our “defensive” stockpile of nuclear weapons
  3. Mara-a-Lago
  4. Harmlessly into the middle of the ocean… creating continent-swallowing tsunamis
  5. The world’s stockpile of toilet paper

Who am I?

All of the news that contradicts my views is fake

All of the rumors that support my views are real

Who am I?

If you guessed someone other than me & you

You’re wrong

  • ”Song” is 2, in Thai

Here’s a flower to click, if you’re into that sort of thing:

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