Father-Son Cookbook

I sent a submission in to Little, Brown Book Group for my father-son cookbook. Admittedly, it was a long shot. I got a rejection letter, which is fine, but I’m a bit put off by the format of the letter. They have no opening – no “Dear Mr. Spears” or even “Dear Sir or Madam” or “Dear Aspiring Writer” – nothing! It’s just two sentences on a piece of paper telling me that they no longer take submissions & good luck finding a publisher. Isn’t that a bit odd, coming from a company that deals in writing?

This post was written in 2009! The cookbook is now finished and available on Amazon. For the post of the grand announcement, please click this flower:



6 Responses to Father-Son Cookbook

  1. David White says:

    This is a frustrating experience. Many publishers will not even consider accepting books from people unless submitted by an agent (and I do not mean CIA). Let us finish it anyhow. It will be a family treasure.


  2. Jane says:

    do finish it! my mom wrote a cookbook which she made photocopies of for friends and family. i use it all the time and love it…


    • ericesad says:

      Have you ever had the Liz Lovely products? They are super delicious very expensive high calorie vegan treats. I’m eating ginger snapdragon cookie dipped in melted dark chocolate.


  3. Jane says:

    have heard of them but never seen them… sounds tasty. the only expensive vegan treat i buy regularly is that coconut milk ice cream stuff that is really yummy (and so far only the turtle mountain version because i have never seen the other brand anywhere). i often make my own baked goods, either vegan or just dairy-free with local free-range eggs…


  4. ericesad says:

    They make coconut treat bars on sticks now, like ice cream bars. It’s from Coconut Bliss.


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