Free Idea #1: Decaffeinated chocolate

Like many people, I have ideas that would make a million dollars. But I am too lazy & easily distracted to follow up on them. So I give them to you. Feel free to get rich off them.

Idea #1: Decaffeinated chocolate.

Chocolate should be as easy to decaffeinate as coffee. There would be a huge niche market for it. Some people don’t do caffeine. Some parents don’t want their children to have caffeine. Some people want chocolate at night but are afraid it’ll keep them up. It’s such an obvious idea, why isn’t anyone exploiting it? Well now you can. You are welcome.

Here’s another million dollar idea for you: dasy

Or, for more of a chocolate-theme post, follow the chocolate daisy:


8 Responses to Free Idea #1: Decaffeinated chocolate

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  2. […] Free Idea #1: Decaffeinated chocolate […]


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  4. Hello, my chocolate buddy in brazil sent me a link reguarding your idea I though you might like to check it out.



    • EricIndiana says:

      Thanks for that link, Frank. I had a vague idea that chocolate contained a kind of caffein that was different than coffee’s, and this might be where the confusion came from. But now I’m not sure what to believe, because unlike the article asserts, the internet references are not all circular. They are numerous, and the consensus seems to be that chocolate contains a small amount of caffein and a large amount of theobromine. I looked at chocolate manufacturers, like Hershey, and they say the same thing. So at this point I’m not sure what to think.


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