Idea #3: Anti-Beeping

A control on devices to eliminate beeping

Everything beeps nowadays and it is annoying as [beep]. The worst is the microwave oven. I set something to cook for 20 seconds and before I even have time to walk away it beeps 4 times at me. Then it beeps again if I’m not quick enough to open the door. Why? This is of no value to humanity. Does the oven think that I will forget the thing I put in it 20 seconds ago? Even if I did, so what? Conventional ovens don’t beep & they can burn down your house. I have complained elsewhere about the beeping of microwave ovens. My Free Idea is: Microwave ovens should allow the user to turn off the beep. For God’s sake, even the buttons on the thing beep each time you press them. I don’t have to be told with a “beeeeep!” every time I press the number 3. I know I pressed the number 3. If I’m not sure that I pressed it, I can see that the number 3 appears on the screen. So I don’t need the beep. And I don’t need a beep for when I turn on or off the power. I just don’t. I would like a beep-free home. So please, manufacturers of household appliances, add beep-removing controls to your devices. Thank you.

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6 Responses to Idea #3: Anti-Beeping

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  2. cyndi says:

    This is something I have complained about to friends many times. EVERYTHING’S BEEPING AT ME, MAKE IT STOP!
    I agree completely.


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