Idea # 5: Cockroach Wo/Man

This is a career idea. Write a non-fiction book called “Our Friend the Cockroach,” filled with information about cockroaches and how they have interacted with humans over the centuries & fit into the ecosystem. Perhaps include offers for pro-cockroach products like Cockroach Pattern Wallpaper and Cockroach Pattern Toilet Paper. After publication, it’ll be a cinch to make the talk-show circuit. People are generally repulsed yet fascinated by cockroaches. You will have to get over any squeamishness in touching cockroaches, since you’ll have to handle them in front of David Letterman, etc. You’ll bring exotic giant cockroaches on daytime talk shows, dispel myths about cockroaches, and generally promote cockroach understanding. You will use the TV persona name of “The Cockroach Man” or “The Cockroach Woman.”

The great thing about this career idea is that when it’s run its course, you can can get back to your life un-harassed, because you will have done it completely anonymously, never revealing your real name. Nobody cares about your real name anyway; they just want to see you hold giant cockroaches and tell people how cool they are.

You’ll make a bunch of money, and help promote a more peaceful coexistence between human beings and our friends the cockroaches.

Click this flower for another free idea for you, in case the cockroach thing doesn’t work out:




4 Responses to Idea # 5: Cockroach Wo/Man

  1. Sylvia Spears says:

    Dear, you are the kookiest man I know.


  2. […] Idea # 5: Cockroach Wo/Man […]


  3. […] Idea # 5: Cockroach Wo/Man […]


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