Idea #6: New Sport

This is a new sport idea.

I would like to wrap myself in inflated rubber tubes, à la the Michelin Man, and go down some river rapids. It’s my belief that I would stay afloat AND bounce off rocks. It may be hard to stop or get out.

A word of warning: I haven’t really thought this through. It may be dangerous, even deadly, so don’t try it except under controlled conditions. Start without rapids. Have friends standing by to save you. If it works, you can mass market it & make a million bucks.

Click this flower to see my failed attempts to become smart:



5 Responses to Idea #6: New Sport

  1. Ian Brewer says:

    This reminds me of a dream I had while I was working the night shift at the corner doughnut shop. In this dream, I fell into the frying vat and emerged shaped like the Michelin tire man, but made of doughnuts. For that reason, and because they called me Einstein for wearing glasses, I quit soon thereafter.


  2. ericesad says:

    That reminds me of a dream I had in high school, when Mike Ost worked at the Burger King. I dreamed they were making “zit burgers.” Zits featured in several dreams back then.


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