New Word Needed

We all know that English has its limitations. Heck, we only have one word for “snow.” But I would like to bring to your attention a serious shortcoming that demands some quick action on the part of word inventors. The word “sorry” is used both to apologize and to express sympathy. This gets us into inevitable misunderstandings. How many times have you had the following conversation, about your tuba?

Person A: “My tuba is rusty.”

Person B: “I’m sorry.”

Person A (with annoyance): “Why are you sorry? You didn’t make my tuba out of iron & leave it to rust in the back yard.”

Person B: “I mean I’m sorry for you that that happened to your tuba.”

Person A is understandably in a very bad mood. Clearly, he was sold a bad tuba. Plus, he is mad at himself for leaving it out in the rain. He thought maybe it would wash off the cat pee. So when Person B tries to express sympathy, Person A snaps at her. By the way, I was initially planning to name my children Person A, Person B, Person C, etc., but I thought that the others might feel jealous of Person A, even if they didn’t mention it out loud. It would always be there – that sense of ranking among the children.

So, we need a 2nd word. “Sorry” can express an apology, and a new would could express sympathy. Something similar to “sorry.” Maybe “I’m symorry.” Anyway, I leave it up to you to come up with a good new word. I will forward the submissions to the word authorities in whichever cultural think tank does that sort of thing. I’m thinking it may be an urban youth-dominated think tank, since new culture generally seems to come from those sources. You can send your submissions to this blog. Thank you.

Stay hip to the lingo! Look under the daisy for some new tech words:


9 Responses to New Word Needed

  1. mike says:

    not only that, we need a word for the iron tuba!


  2. Adam Jacot de Boinod says:

    Dear Eric

    Please forgive me emailing you in such a seemingly cold fashion. You seem to share my love of language and I wondered if you might like a mutual link to my English word website:

    with best wishes

    Adam Jacot de Boinod

    (author of The Meaning of Tingo)


  3. ericesad says:

    the ferrisphonium?


  4. Paul says:

    One of the most functional words in frequent use around my household, but nowhere else is “fuckyouistically”. For instance, if you’ve said something that was unintentionally hurtful: “I didn’t mean it fuckyouistically.” or someone has jovially insulted you: “Do you think he’s that stupid, or did he mean it fuckyouistically.”


  5. ericesad says:

    Perhaps you should submit fuckyouistacally to I could see that catching on. All we really need for any new word to catch on is to insert it in a youth-oriented movie, or a few episodes of “iCarly”.


  6. Ryan says:

    Can’t we just steal a word from another language?


  7. ckhayek says:

    Now I understand why I should be bothered that my parents named my siblings and I alphabetically. And it explains why the sibling with the ‘a’ name has a superiority complex. 🙂


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