Advice on Afghanistan

Dear President Obama, or his Web Blog Advisor,

As evidenced by our recent impact on the English language with the re-defining of the word “pussy,” this is a very influential blog, and you are well advised to pay attention.

It seems obvious that the eventual outcome in Afghanistan will be a negotiated settlement with “moderate elements of” the Taliban. If this is the case, then why are we still killing and dying there? What are you waiting for? If you are going to negotiate a settlement at some point, why not do it now? Look at what waiting brought us in Korea: lots more dead until the leaders finally sat down & negotiated a way out.

I sincerely hope that you are not getting caught up in the testosterone trap of having to look like you’re in charge or on top before you can negotiate. You said yourself, Mr President, that the willingness to talk to your “enemies” is a sign of strength, not weakness.

So while you are discussing with advisors how many troops to send or not send, perhaps thinking about what number would sound strong and aggressive yet reasoned and  non-escalatory, you should really consider taking this opportunity to begin direct negotiations with all combatants to form a stable self-sustaining nation.

That’s really the plan, isn’t it? So why delay? Why are you having people shoot each other over this or that hill or embankment? Just get to the real work of talking to all of the Afghanis.

p.s. You may think that “non-escalatory” isn’t a word, but as noted above, this blog has the power to make new words at will. So scrantum.

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4 Responses to Advice on Afghanistan

  1. cyndi says:


    yeah and since all our soldiers who aren’t dying are coming back with is PTSD and heroin habits anyway…

    man, what a dumb war.


  2. maybe he’s following Bush’s lead to destroy a country to create jobs. War is all about money. So dumb. That was a thought not a sentence. I write free style what comes to my mind. Then usually try to correct the grammar so it makes sense to others besides myself. Sometimes I succeed lol I made “A” on every paper I have ever written throughout highschool and college.


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