Daisybrain Voted #1 Blog on the Net!

The results are in! I have voted Daisybrain the #1 weblog (“blog” for short) on the web!

I have declined a request to be interviewed on this blog about my vote. However, I have released the following statement:

“As the creator of the Daisybrain blog, I know better than anyone the amount of time one needs to waste to create a top-notch blog. While many blogs on the net are better in every measurable way than Daisybrain, I have decided to give my vote to Daisybrain since it might generate some traffic in search engines. Because of my vested interest in the success of Daisybrain, it seemed foolish to vote for another blog.”

Further attempts to contact me have been unsuccessful. However, I have spotted myself at my computer, and I will try to arrange a meeting with myself to discuss this shocking development.

Reaction from the world wide web have been muted thus far, as I haven’t yet pressed the “publish” button to make this news public. But, as soon as I do, I expect the accolades to stream in.

Stay tuned for further self-indulgent developments!

This daisy will take to a post inspired by Anne Rice:



6 Responses to Daisybrain Voted #1 Blog on the Net!

  1. Joe Nickell says:

    Congratulations! I voted for you! At least I did while I was reading this!


  2. judi says:

    Me, too! It’s a landslide!


  3. Robin says:

    You get my vote Eric!


  4. […] Daisybrain Voted #1 Blog on the Net! […]


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