Flaws in Your “Reality”

Do you ever look out at the world and think, “How could it be that any effectively generated formal theory in which all arithmetic truths can be proved is inconsistent”? Or, “That is one hokey looking tree; no way that is real…. They could have put a little more time into that one, jeesh!”

I call that questionable reality realiquanto, a combination of “reality” and “aliquanto,” which is Latin for “somewhat.”

A lot of what we see we take for granted without having the slightest idea of how it works. The rest of what we see we take for granted believing that we understand it, when in realiquanto we have only a rudimentary understanding of its true nature.

I have the following questions about the universe. Feel free to enlighten me with your rudimentary explanations:


First of all, it occurs to me that time & space do not exist. To define time, one must refer to time. The same is true of space.  It might take some dictionaries a while to get there, but inevitably they will have to refer to time in defining time and space in defining space. In the immediate definitions, dictionaries will indirectly refer to those terms by using words that rely on time or space for their meanings.

For example, on dictionary.comtime is defined as “the system of those sequential relations that any event has to any other, as past, present, or future.” To understand this, one must know what the word sequential means. Dictionary.com defines sequential as, “characterized by regular sequence of parts.” But what is a sequence? Again, Dictionary.com: “the following of one thing after another.” To understand this, however, one must know what following means. The same source defines it as, “that which comes immediately after.” So, what does after mean? Dictionary.com: “later in time than.” Ha! Did you catch that? They probably thought no one would bother following the trail all the way back to its beginning. It is as if fleeble were defined as “that which is fleeble,” or “fleeble is the fleeble between things.”

If a concept can not be defined without referring back to itself, it has no objective reality. And because everything – all matter and energy – exists in time and space, it follows that nothing exists. Now, you might be thinking that I have wasted a lot of space writing all of this and you have wasted considerable time reading it. However, as I have just demonstrated, neither one of us have wasted anything. And in any case, neither of us exists.


Probiotics are all the rage. They are supposed to replenish the natural beneficial fauna in your body. But if you eat a probiotic yogurt or pill or whatever, won’t it be digested by your stomach acids? How could it possibly survive your digestive system to set up shop in your body?


If the farther away an astronomical object the older the light, and we are looking back in time to near the start of the universe, how come that light hasn’t past us already? I mean, we started from the same Big Bang & the light from that explosion is traveling at, well, the speed of light. So, when we look toward the center of the universe, it seems like that light should have long since passed by us, since we have to be traveling away from the center slower than the speed of light.


In the subjective reality of “The Secret,” what if two people who were experts at “the Secret” came to an intersection at the same time from different directions & both believed that there would be a green light for them – would they pass harmlessly though each other?


And finally, if it is wrong to eat people, why do they taste so good? (Just kidding. Really.)

Beneath this daisy lie some Suggestions for People Who Make Things…


22 Responses to Flaws in Your “Reality”

  1. ilene says:

    re #4: LOL, LOL, LOL!!!!!

    I am relieved to learn I am not the only person who spends inordinate amounts of “time” in dictionaries backward tracing definitions and word origins.

    I always know you were totally pussy!


  2. ilene says:

    ps i recently heard a dr speaking about probiotics, and i will eventually enlighten you with my understanding of his explanation. for now, i wanted to share the most amazing thing i took away from his talk… did you know that 5 lbs of our body weight come from the microbes that live in/on us??? way pussy!


  3. ericesad says:

    That is way pussy. I didn’t know the weight of the microbes, but I did know that the bacteria in us far outnumber the cells of our body, so we are mostly “other.”


  4. balvinder kr says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog and making comments. What we perceive around us through senses is just a great illusion that we have no way of really getting outside of our own reality to see what is really out there. Our brain or the mind has so much of limitation in perceiving what the actual reality is out there. Moreover, as I have stated in my blog that modern physics/quantum mechanics has also confirmed that what we perceive through senses is not reality. Space and time are just illusion of perception. Quantum physics has also proved that it is the consciousness of the observer that creates reality. There is no reality independent of observer.


  5. Paul says:

    Things that cannot be described outside themselves have been called Firstnesses by 19th century American semiotician Charles Sanders Pierce. If you have a couple days to spare, check out his stuff. It makes your head itch from the inside. Colors are firstnesses too. Try defining blue.


  6. SparK says:


    at 3, it’s a common mistake

    einstein said that space-time is relative to mass-energy.
    light is pure energy and no mass, without mass you don’t have gravity, which affects time.
    however there’s no energy without mass… again that’s the minimum “mass” light has and is what defines it’s speed (for light, it is stoped, for us it is travelling in the “speed of light”).

    we have been thrown away from a massive singularity and thus having mass we don’t run like energy, however we have gravity which affects time and makes time run slower for us. (energy don’t even “see” it’s life ending, cause it’s too fast).

    so if time is going slower for us because of sun and earth we are able to look distant lights (old lights) which are travelling in speed of light cause time is slower for us (we are going faster than we realize).

    yeah… gravity fucks everything up (sorry, there’s a lack of better word)


    • ericesad says:

      Perhaps if you add an umlaut over the u, it becomes a German scientific word: fück, meaning “the incomprehensible & counter-intuitive effects of gravity”.

      … and “fücked up” would be anti-gravity!


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  9. my son just asked me the other day if time and distance correlate time being the y axis and distance being the x axis so you see the further you go the the more time it takes well he asked is it possible for time to stand still? lol my answer was I am not real sure but possibly yes no human has ever gone that fast before to my knowledge yet and my famous quote ” look it up on the internet” How should I answer this?


  10. my son asked me the other day if time relates to distance time being y axis and distance being x axis is it possible for time to stand still? I said I don’t know maybe possibly i don’t think anyone has ever traveled that fast before look it up on the internet then he went on to ask if you flew to another planet that fast then came back would your body age slower or time be close to what it was before you left? How do I answer these questions?


  11. my son keeps telling me he wants to be an astro physicist or a particle physicist when he is grown. I don’t even know what that is. I told him maybe he could be both. And that he would rather be a scientist than a doctor because he likes working alone. He says that is the only difference between the two. So will he have to go to medical school to become a physicist?


    • EricIndiana says:

      No – that would be a physician. He will have to go to grad school though. I wanted to be an Astronomer, and there’s a lot of physics in that. But I didn’t get into grad school, so I ended up making videos & eventually became a teacher, which I like.


  12. he just turned 12 on new year’s eve


  13. 🙂 wow pussy kewl. My slang made up word for cool. Because you know cool means to become gradually colder. So whenever I write slang words because I grew up in an era without ebonics and slang was forbidden I change the spelling so it is an original word when I write not a copy of something already in webster’s. Although I haven’t even looked in the dictionary since like 10th grade.


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  15. Nathaniel (Doreen's son) says:

    hey i was sitting on the couch late one night bored out of my mind. i was staring at the ceiling and my mind started to wander to the meaning of life. Have you ever paid attention the the fact that all wild animals do is reproduce? every part of there bodies is to attract a mate or to survive to mate. Does this mean that the purpose of the animals is to continue living? But why keep living just to make others live? so if humans are in fact animals then does that mean we are only here to live and make others to live? if you think about it that way then there really isn’t an answer to “why?”. we simply exist to exist. we simply live to live. we survive to survive. we are not some divine creation but simply and amazing coincidence and since the odds of that happening in a natural since are uncomprehendable to humans we think that we must have been created for a purpose. we see things in the natural world we cant explain and turn them in to messages from some holy being. we are simply beings that survive because we survive. we live to have life. we have life to live.

    sorry if i rambled.


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