Insignificant Post

Here is a post of leftover thoughts that don’t fit into any of the carefully crafted posts I spend so much time writing. Why should you read this? I don’t know. Perhaps you shouldn’t. But if you find this particular post to be pointless, please come back in a day or two because I am gearing up for my ultimate post, the one post that defines me and gives my existence meaning. It will be witty, of course, but also poignant, original, creative, and maybe a bit sexy. It will be quoted by other bloggers. Excerpts will be read at my funeral, which is odd because I will still be alive.

But at the moment, we are still stuck in this post. So here are my thoughts for today:

We just had our first frost in New Hampshire, and all the red and brown leaves on the ground were delicately outlines in white, as if they were drawn first with a white pencil and then filled in with color. I had never noticed that before.

The white lining of the leaves reminded me of the silver lining you hear about behind storm clouds. It was three years ago that I looked up in the sky & suddenly realized the literal origin of that saying, “Behind every dark cloud is a silver lining.” I could see that the sun was actually producing a white lining behind the dark clouds.

As we move into our long and arduous winter in the Northeast of the United States, I wonder what happens to the flies. They all seem to have died, mostly on window cills. So, how do they come back? Do their larva hibernate? Speaking of insect mysteries, do ants sleep?

Plants make me question the meaning of individuality. You can break of a part of some plants, stick it in water & it will grow into a new plant. Are plants individuals, or colonies of cells that can split apart? Aren’t we colonies of cooperating cells & microorganisms? Most of what’s going on in my body I have no conscious awareness of. Are my blood cells working for me, or are they part of me? The other day, I donated blood. That blood is still alive, and soon it may be in someone else’s body. So is it still part of me? What is me?

Well, it’s almost time for bed. But first I have to go check out the meteor shower. People can spend all the time & money they want fabricating fireworks shows, but it’s never as thrilling as seeing an unexpected meteor zip across an otherwise apparently static display of stars. Remember, this post is of no consequence, but my next post… THAT ONE will really be something! So bookmark often and click back soon. Goodnight!

Let’s go back to the future, with the following post, written nearly five years later:


5 Responses to Insignificant Post

  1. ilene says:

    the girls and i are really looking forward to the meteor shower too. funny you should ask about ant sleep– i read an article a few months back on that very subject and thought it was so cool, so i saved it. here ya go!


  2. ericesad says:

    I have been wondering & asking about whether ants sleep for years. That article was also really interesting because it said some queens live 45 years, I knew some lived a few years – but 45! Never step on an ant!


  3. mary says:

    would it hurt to make your site slightly more attactive?


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