Academic Papers!

As if my posts weren’t brainy & awkwardly academic sounding to begin with, now you have the opportunity to read my writing at its formal & stilted best! I have added a new box to the right of my posts, entitled, “Academic Peace Papers”. As the name suggests, much of my academic life has been focused on peace and nonviolence. I will periodically add more of my papers to this collection.

Among the papers now available is my Master’s Thesis! This project included a video companion piece, which I promise to someday upload. I find it interesting that there is an inverse relationship between how much effort it takes for me to write something and how many people read it. So, a post that took 20 minutes to write may be read by hundreds of people, whereas a thesis paper that I labored on for months might be read by a total of three people, including myself. To rectify the situation, I hereby invite the entire world to click on & read my thesis.

So, read on, let me know what you think, and tune in soon for more additions to the Academic Peace Papers box.

– Eric

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