New Political Jargon

When politics gets boring, it’s time to come up with new political jargon. Here are my suggestions:


from poly (multiple) + tics (involuntary twitches); the spasms that people exhibit when their actions conflict with their values


the light banter that Taliban fighters engage in on their off time


when Secretary of State Clinton makes a joke to a foreign diplomat that is lost in translation


the special style of democracy evidenced by recent Afghan elections


a fundamentalist term for a politician who defies God’s will by ensuring that more people have health insurance


an American term for pre-invasion rhetoric

The United Mistakes of America

U.S. foreign policy post-WWII


a crime committed by persons whose politics the government doesn’t like


resistance fighters opposed to U.S. occupation

Freedom Fighters

resistance fighters opposed to Russian (or Soviet) occupation


expressing one’s fear of public disclosure by using all caps in a memo


what the government actually meant to do, before it decided there were no funds available


a person who hangs out in a lobby (What’s the big deal?)

Star Chamber of Commerce

when the Chamber of Commerce holds secret trials for dissident companies like Apple Computers


the luxury of ignorance

Click the daisy for some more new political terms from Daisybrain:



8 Responses to New Political Jargon

  1. bracketbracket says:

    Brilliant Neolojizm!!


  2. Marvelous-if these are original; and even if they’re not.


    • ericesad says:

      Thanks. They are as original as any thoughts can be, which means I’m sure others have come up with at least some of them before. They all popped into my head when I was home sick one day, so they are the product of a sick mind : /


  3. Vikrant says:

    I love Talibanter! I can just imagine them with their AK-47s, sipping tea and laughing!


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  6. Doreen Van Assen says:

    I luv the politic one. I bet every person that has ever called someone a hypocrite has also said do as I say not as I do. How political is that?


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