Uploaded Scientific and Technical Illustrations

I have uploaded examples of illustrations I created for the textbook, The Physiology and Biochemistry of Prokaryotes, by Dr. David White, as well as thumbnails of my large posters that show the Citric Acid Cycle and the chemistry of Photosynthesis. These are available by clicking the links in the box to the lower right of this post.

In the way of an advertisement, my illustrations were reviewed as follows:

I have always enjoyed the accuracy and simplicity of the illustrations in past editions of this text, and the current edition continues to delight me. Save for a few reprinted from other sources, all the illustrations are credited to [my name goes here]. His work demonstrates that simple black and white sketches, cleverly crafted, can be far more effective than complex three-dimensional fantasies and distracting colors. The point of every illustration drawn by [my name goes here] is easily grasped. Likewise, the presentation of chemical structures and of biochemical pathways benefits from judicious choices of which details to show, which to abbreviate.

– Frederick C. Neidhardt, Microbe Magazine

Sometimes you think you know someone, and it turns out they have another side to them you never knew about. Perhaps you have been reading my blog posts & thought I just spent all my time complaining about politics and inventing goofy definitions for words. Well, you would almost be right. But I also have a job teaching school children, and occasionally I illustrate textbooks. Plus I invent silly dances with my stepson. So there is more to me than my blog, if not much.

Coming soon… I reveal even more than you ever thought you wanted to know about me by posting video & audio clips…. Stay tuned! (That’s just an expression, of course. You can actually tune away at any time. In fact, depending on your time zone, it might be a good idea to turn off your computer & go to bed now.)

Click the daisy to reveal flaws in your so-called reality:



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