Why I Don’t Like Florescent Light Bulbs

Mercury-filled toxic florescent bulbI’ve been wary of florescent light bulbs since they’ve been touted by NPR and Wal-Mart as the savior of Planet Earth. I’m concerned that people all over are going to buy them & there’s not much information out there on how to dispose of them. I’m sure people will be throwing them in the trash, and all that mercury will leach into the water system. So it’s reducing the air pollution of coal plants, but then poisoning the water with mercury.

But Al Gore was just too relentless. So, I bought a pack from CVS. It’s “Guaranteed to last 7 years! 10,000 hours!” It even had a $4 mail-in rebate.

When I opened the box, I saw that the rebate only applies if I had bought the bulbs between January, 2007 and December, 2007. Very clever, RTH Home Decor and CVS. Besides, it requires the original cash register receipt, and if you’ve ever shopped at CVS, you know that those things are printed on paper that decomposes within 2 weeks, let alone 7 years.

The bulb burned out after about an hour of use. So maybe that 10,000 hours was in flea time.

So, now I have a burned out mercury-poisoned bulb with no idea of where I can safely dispose of it. In my sister’s house yesterday, they accidentally dropped one of these things & they all freaked out about breathing the mercury. I came over & it was freezing in their house. They had the door open to air out the mercury (it’s about 2 degrees fahrenheit here).

This all reminds me of when microwave ovens came out. That’s right, I remember. My first thought was, “What happens in 10 years, when all these ovens are all crusty, the doors don’t shut tightly and they are leaking microwaves? People will be selling them at yard sales – they don’t come with a microwave detector. We’ll be cooking ourselves from the inside out!” And, obviously, I was right.

I think the moral of the story is that anything humans create is bad.

So, have a nice Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrate in its place, and enjoy all of the new products that are destroying our planet & cooking us from the inside out.


9 Responses to Why I Don’t Like Florescent Light Bulbs

  1. ericesad says:

    Dear Reader,
    I don’t know why this turned into a bitter holiday post. Sorry! I hope you have a splendid holiday, or non-holiday, or whatever it is you choose or are pressured into.
    – Your Blogger, Eric


  2. Paul says:

    I have found the compact florescents to have a very short lifetime. Aaannndddd . . . I saw one in the process of burning out in our garage. The base of the bulb lit up with an inner fire — literally — red sparks glowing through the plastic base. Something is terribly wrong here.

    At least the red sparks were kinda Xmassy. (How’s that for uplifting holiday tie-in?)


  3. Hermann says:

    Well, Eric, since Xmass is also a human creation (JC was not born in December – check it out) don’t worry about messing it up. It’s all business. Just like selling those light bulbs.


  4. cyndi says:

    my CFCs last awhile but i agree we need clear effective instructions on what he hell to do with them. didn’t we go to vietnam for lightbulbs? and yes, anything humans create is bad.


  5. Jeffersonicus Diatomaceous Skate-Key says:

    Perhaps this is tied in with a new jobs program where much of the community will be guaranteed employment cleaning up toxic waste sites for food credits with Monsanto, ADM or one of those giant hog farms.


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