Daisybrain Year in Review

This is the time of year that media outlets recycle content – the one time of year when old news is new news!

And, in keeping with this annual tradition of content without effort, I will uncreatively adopt the nearly obligatory format of the top ten list.

So without any further ado, here are the highlights and lowlights from the year in Daisybrain blogging.

1. Why I Wear Only Woman-Made Clothes. Although not one of the most-read posts, I was quite happy with this essay. It gave me an opportunity to point out some of the sexist language that is so incorporated into daily usage that we may not even notice. It also gave me a chance to say that I got a ride from a “man taxi driver,” which I’ve wanted to say in a public forum for a long time. I may have been inspired by All That Glitters, the obscure reverse-gender soap opera I saw as a child in the 70s.

2. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Review. This post would fall under the lowlights category. I don’t know why I felt the need to write a movie review. All I can say is it was somewhat early in my blogging days and I may have been less clear as to the overall theme of Daisybrain. I am still not clear, but I don’t think the world needs more movie reviews. (Now I will feel obligated to write another movie review just despite myself. I’m like that).

3. Pussy. What Daisybrain Year-In-Review could be complete without reference to the success of our re-definition of pussy? With 781 votes (and counting!) intrepid readers of this blog helped vote the following definition of pussy into 8th place, out of 125 submissions, in just 66 days: “Cool or awesome; exciting and new“.

4. Questions About Words. This was an early chance for me to really have fun with words, and it attracted many readers who love words as well. I also slipped in some of my observations about labels we use for alleged race.

5. The Truth Behind Fried Sugar Balls. It was good to get this all out in the open. I suspect we haven’t heard the last from Selma Small.

6. Raise the Age of Majority to 25! A lot of people have read this, but to my knowledge it hasn’t yet sparked a national movement. I think it would be nice if we, as a society, re-examined our ideas about the age of minority-majority transitions in light of current understanding of brain development. (I’m talking to you, movement-starter!)

7. Magnetic Crossings for the Blind. This idea was part of my post, Mind Boggling Suggestions to Change the World. It’s one of those ideas that you hope makes its way into the ether so that somebody, somewhere, will explore it as a possibility. Not a lot of people read this post when I first titled it, “Suggestions”. I went back & changed the name & have since tried to give my post titles a little more zing. Come to think of it, “Daisybrain Year in Review” is pretty mundane. I know I would get more hits with “Daisybrain Pussy in Review,” but I don’t know if I can stoop that low. Luckily, the text of that last sentence will also appear in search engines.

8. Flaws in Your “Reality”. In this post, I definitively prove that nothing exists. And yet I keep blogging.

9. My Conversation With Comcast. This is where I learned the power of blogging. Out of frustration, I posted an unproductive conversation I had with a Comcast tech supporter. To my amazement, I got a quick reply from a Comcast exec. who solved my problem. Other people  also commented, including a Comcast employee who’s job had been outsourced. In fact, this was my most-read post, and it took very little effort, since all I did was to copy & paste a conversation. Thinking back to all of the frustrating experiences I’ve had with various corporations over the years, this blogging thing would have really come in handy.

10. Poverty, Race and Education in a Capitalist Nation. All educational reform efforts are doomed to fail without constructively addressing the twin issues of race and poverty.

This top ten list was not in any specific order, because web pages have made a shambles of the concept of order. I hope you have fun in the web of my pages, and you have a chance to share all of your wonderful brain percolations with the world in 2010 and forever.

Future past Daisybrain posts:


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