Some Thoughts in My Daisy Brain

A good name for a dog: Dogma


It bugs me when I hear people on the radio precede some term they’ve coined with the phrase, “what I call…” or “what I like to call…”. I hear them all the time in interviews: “Well, Jenna, the economy has contracted into what I call a ‘contracto-sphere.'” They should just say what they want to say, instead of pretending that they are such experts that they had to invent a language to convey their brilliance. It seems arrogant, or what I like to call “aero-giant”.


Some free* band name ideas:

Spock’s Ears

The Rocking Chairs

The Pop Tarts


Pop Cycle


Scintillating Scotoma

The Opulent Scrumples

The Perfect Squares

*You don’t have to give me credit, but you must use the words “fleeple,” “Mizrop,” and “caulifridactus” in one or more of your songs.


If you use a fuse twice, it may not work, but that’s only because you’ve made it into a refuse.

A person from England who travels to the European continent is said to be incontinent.

Oximoron: a person who believes they need to purchase Oxiclean to improve the quality of their life.

}{  }{  }{  }{  }{  }{  }{  }{  }{  }{  }{  }{  }{  }{  }{  }{  }{  }{  }{

In the 70s, everything caused cancer. Now everything cures everything.


Behind this flower are some improved words:

4 Responses to Some Thoughts in My Daisy Brain

  1. […] Some Thoughts in My Daisy Brain […]


  2. l0oree says:

    Lmao could some one please invent a sock washer? A mesh bag with a zipper is all it would be. My mom used to beat me for her socks gone missing. I have watched countless washers and dryers over the years to finally come to the conclusion the socks just simply get stuck in the washer and dryer to the point you don’t notice. It gets left behind. I have found the person before me’s socks so many times at the laundry mat.


  3. l0oree says:

    Continuing on the subject of washing lol it just popped into my brain about my eldest brother washes his countless number of baseball hats in the dishwasher. It works perfectly to keep there shape. He then places them over a coffee can on top of the fridge to air dry. next step is to mold the brim carefully in a smaller can. He is very particular when it comes to baseball.


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