Realization of the Day

It used to give me great anxiety when people would forget what they were about to say. I couldn’t rest until I’d helped them remember it. I have finally come to realize that about 95% of what people say is of no consequence. It’s usually just some connection they are making to something else that has been said. Both they and I will very soon forget the comment, and probably the entire conversation – the entire day will largely be forgotten in a couple of weeks. It follows, then, that 95% of what I say is also of no consequence. This is a good thing to know, since it has always driven me crazy when I’ve forgotten something I was going to say, or even the right word I was going to use. Being rather obsessive, I usually will force myself to rethink the conversation over and over again in the hopes of retrieving the missing information.

Now, I can finally relax. I can let it go. It’s best not to be too tethered to the past, since it detracts from your experience of the present.

Being forgetful has its rewards.

Part -Time Courage lies under this daisy:



2 Responses to Realization of the Day

  1. Kavana says:

    95% of what people say, they will forget they ever said. Having a reliable memory has its benefits too. You get to remind people of their embarrassing secrets every now and then.


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