My New List of Silly Definitions


Take this, humanity:

Exit: Something that formerly was it, is now an ex-it.

Pandemic: A widespread disease affecting pandas.

Category: A gory horror movie about cats.

Penalize: To turn something into a penis.

Testes: Small tests, or quizzes.

Reprisal: To award a prize to someone for the second time.

Sandwich: A practitioner or Wikken, on a beach.

Condom: A dumb convict

Butterfly: A flying insect that lands and gets stuck in the butter.

Macadamia Nut: An academic who is obsessed with Apple products.

Panting: To supply a pair of pants that fit to someone who had been looking like a fool with their pants on the ground.

2 Responses to My New List of Silly Definitions

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  2. […] My New List of Silly┬áDefinitions […]


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