Come Back to Daisybrain

The other day, I posted suggestions to improve sports. I got many visitors to my blog. But today, hardly anyone came by. I can only conclude that people generally disliked my last post and wanted to stay away after that. Since my sense of self-worth is generated entirely by how many hits my blog statistics show, I need to squeeze some sort amazing and irresistibly compelling post out of my brain tonight. Either that, or I need to go to a friend’s house & visit my blog over and over again from their computer so that when I come home I will be happy to see my blog graph heading up again.

Since I don’t have any friends, I opt for the first strategy: squeezing my brain until I force some interesting thoughts to pop out.

Here goes…. must… squeeze… harder…… Ahhhhh! I’ve got it! Poetry. There really hasn’t been any on my blog. When I taught 2nd graders, I forced them to write poetry on the spot. It seems only fitting that I should force myself to do the same. I will now compose some poems in various styles. Please send all awards and publishing offers to me care of the comments section.


There was once a man with a dog

Who spent all his spare time on his blog

The dog wanting attention

said, “I just thought I’d mention

If you don’t pet me I’m moving to Prague”

OK, I admit that one was anticlimactic. Here are some alternative last lines for the dog:

1. “I think I’ll go eat your pet frog.”

2. “I’d rather be owned by a log.”

3. “I think I’ll go jump in the bog.”


My blog statistics

Do not tell the whole story

Of how you love me






Yearns for


Right now

Anyone reading this

Is a


OK, that was horrible. I apologize. I will try again:











OK, I’m way too influenced by my 12 year old son who is constantly calling his online multiplayer gaming friends “noobs.” Again, I apologize.



Personal blog

Easy to ignore

Desperate for your attention


And, for the finale,


Barack Obama

Does not fear drama

When Republican wring their hands

He simple agrees to all their demands

Waning Poetic

Instructions: click this daisy, go to the bottom of the post that appears and you will find a poem on the newly old…



14 Responses to Come Back to Daisybrain

  1. mike says:

    o silly man, we read it all.


  2. Vivian says:

    I love your haiku!!


  3. Jeffersonic. (DSK) says:

    Humor and poets

    Are often separated

    By thousands of miles


  4. Madhu says:

    Gosh, you self-centered daisybrain! You’re almost as bad as me 🙂

    Loved your improvements to sports, btw (since you seem to be in dire need of reassurance).

    Are you a tennis player? I forwarded that post to a friend, and he deduced that you must be a tennis player as you had no suggestion to improve that perfect sport 😉



    • EricIndiana says:

      That’s funny – nothing came to mind for tennis, but no I’m not a tennis player. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the sport itself, although it tends to foster some obnoxious personality traits in its superstars. But I guess we don’t want our celebrities to be boring.


  5. Jeffersonic. (DSK) says:

    Sad, lonely old cranks

    Living in their parent’s home

    Often write obnoxious poems


  6. Jeffersonic. (DSK) says:

    For the sake of clarity, my last awful poem, was intended to be self-deprecating.


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  8. If I had a dollar for each time I came here.. Superb read.


  9. samrxster says:

    This page was intentionally left blank.


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