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Visiting Daisybrain for the first time? There are so many web pages out there to get lost in, you may never find your way back. That would be sad because you would miss reading about the nature of reality, why we should raise the age of majority to 25, and Fried Sugar Balls. The best way to be sure not to miss any exciting Daisybrain action is to subscribe (see subscription box to the right). The second best way is to write “” with a permanent marker on the wall nearest your computer. Hmmm… come to think of it, there are many ways to be sure you return:

  • Get a Daisybrain tattoo on your forehead. But make sure it’s written in reverse so you can read it in the mirror.
  • Superglue the keys on your keyboard and your mouse to your desk right now so you can never leave.
  • Start a band called, “Daisybrain Dot WordPress Dot Com.” You don’t need to send me any royalties.
  • Pay the man who secretly lives in your basement to remind you every day to visit Daisybrain

Or, you could just bookmark this page.


7 Responses to Bookmark Me

  1. mike says:

    I wanted to complain about your recipe for Deep Fried Sugar Balls. I followed it exactly as you have presented it, but the sugar simply melts into the fat! My children are sorely disappointed, I must tell you.


  2. EricIndiana says:

    Thus, history repeats. I feel your pain. All complaints should be addressed to the Mayor. Any mayor.


  3. Ms. Drama says:

    I KNEW you were hilarious….but thine VANITY….LOL
    hahaha @Superglue tip…


  4. DevonTexas says:

    I am following your blog and I even went so far as to :”like” it. How’s that for follow-through?

    You might like reading my LegacyTales where I write about my fascinating life at My most recent was about my dear friend Jayne who passed in 2001.

    Then, if you are into dialysis, I write about it in I try to inform and educate about dialysis and all things dialysis.

    I plan to return. I want to read your Master Thesis. Education is another of my interests.


  5. DevonTexas says:

    Oops. The LegacyTales link didn’t work.


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