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I have been procrastinating all day. It’s not easy to avoid work so assiduously*, but I am a real pro at it. That’s why it’s called pro-crastination. Here are some things I’ve been thinking about:

I continually confuse continuous and continual. Just for the record, continuous mean constant, unbroken, or uninterrupted, whereas continual means frequently recurring. So I am not continuously misusing these words, but I am continually misusing them, since I continue to confuse them. And just for continuity, I should point out that the words in this paragraph are contiguous.

Supposedly, supposably is a word in American English. It is an adverb that means, able to be supposed, as in the unlikely sentence, “She was looking at me supposably, so she may have supposed that I had the map.” The meaning would be different using the vastly more common supposedly, as in “Supposedly, she was looking at me, but I think she was really eyeing the map.”

For a while, I thought I had figured out the difference between assumedly and assumably. But, after spending half the night researching, I am no longer certain there is a difference. They are both adverb forms of assume. All I can say is that assumedly, assumably and assumedly have been subsumed by presumably, so now I presume I will resume to consume my night in this room as I sanction a combination of procrastination and blog creation as my destination.

*That’s the first time I have ever written the word assiduously. I congratulate myself.

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4 Responses to Insert Title Here

  1. IBF/TDKs says:

    Bravo! Loving the assume paragraph. Will be quoting you on my blog for pure genius.


  2. […] Insert Title┬áHere […]


  3. RatherNotSay says:

    Thank you. My boss (UK) says ‘Assumably’ almost every other sentence. When I first started working here I thought she had made the word up! I can see ‘assumedly’, and obviously ‘presumably’, but ‘assumably’ makes her sound like a toddler…


  4. Erin Feldman says:

    Assiduously is an awesome word. How funny that you struggle with “continually” and “continuously”! I do, too, which is why I’m planning a future Write Right post about it.


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