Two Random Acts of Language Cruelty

Now for a few definitions:
  • Dogmatic: An automatic response from a dog, such as wagging the tail when you say, “treat”.
  • Catalog: The cat’s favorite scratching post.
  • Caravan: A car dressed up to look like a van.
  • Example: Formerly ample, now not enough.
  • Fungus: Uncle Gus… he is so much fun.
  • Carbon: “good car” in French. Odd, since cars produce carbon and carbon is so bad for the environment. Somebody should tell the French.
and here is a poem…

He drinks chai tea at Tai Chi

The clever lad is leather clad

Wearing steel, he grabs the steering wheel

And at a fierce pace, with a pierced face

He drives his llama, alive with drama

Click for more fun with the word tea:


6 Responses to Two Random Acts of Language Cruelty

  1. Editor B says:

    I am reminded of Eric Indiana’s stand up comedy performance at Second Story, an ER Night if I remember correctly. This post every bit as painful as that grim routine. Thank you very mustard!


  2. K says:

    your limerick is quite original
    and i just HAD to share your “new” definitions on my facebook page


  3. Paul says:

    There’s a company that makes police cars with what I thought was the unfortunate name: Carbon Motors. Now, like police chiefs and municipality procurement officers everywhere, I get the multilingual pun.


    • EricIndiana says:

      There’s a company here called Dead River. I don’t know what they make or sell, but they have trucks & their name is written as one word: Deadriver. I drove behind one on the way to work one day and I thought it said “Dead Driver,” which I thought was an unfortunate name for a trucking company. Or a threat – I stayed way back.


  4. […] Two Random Acts of Language¬†Cruelty […]


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