New Definitions! (or “Nude Effin-itions”!)

I can’t help it. I think about words all the time. Here are some new definitions, new words, and new thoughts on words:

Enormouse: a giant mouse

Carpet: a dog that likes to ride in a car

Crumpet: a dog who eats crumbs off the floor

Hopen: to open with hope

Hey, you “i before e” people: Explain “Weird Science”!

Direction: an erection that has died

Catastrophy: A fancy trophy cat

Partea: a faster way of writing “tea party”

Coughee: What happens to you when you drink your coffee the wrong way (or, it’s the person who is coughed upon)

Chocolate: When you are late because you are home eating chocolate

Zebra: a striped bra

Here are some animal combinations that I am working on in my lab:




These two are animal-fruit combinations:



Ever play the game “Fat Cat”? Some call it “Hinky Pinky,” though I do not know why.  It goes like this: You take turns thinking of a rhyming adjective/noun and then give a clue to the other person to guess. So, one person says, “an obese feline,” and the other may guess, “a fat cat.” Well, if you ever play that game, perhaps you need the Daisybrain edge! Here are some suggestions to help you impress your co-players:

a happy flightless ice bird: a sanguine penguin

an enlightened bovine: a tao cow

a buff nightcrawler: a firm worm

a relaxed water fowl: a loose goose

a cleaning device for 90’s rock musicians: a grunge sponge

an ordinary thinking organ: a plain brain

a poultry witch: a Wicken chicken

A Central American fruit somehow grown in the deep South of the United States: a Louisiana banana

sweet cash: honey money

ridiculous feces: an absurd turd

OK, you get the idea. You can take it from here.

And finally,

Ernest Borgnine: The ninth Ernest clone to be absorbed by the Borg

Click the daisy for more fun with obese felines:




3 Responses to New Definitions! (or “Nude Effin-itions”!)

  1. […] rural stew.” But that would be a bit obscure. Here are some killer Fat Cats (to go along with my earlier post that included Fat Cat ringers) to help you impress that English major from down the […]


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  3. Chimpanzeebra – – stripey primate
    Camellon – juicy ungulate which lives in the desert – reputedly seen in large numbers at the the court of King Arthur . . . .


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