My Specialty is Special Tea

Fun with Verbs and Nouns!

  1. I adore a door
  2. I abhor a bore
  3. I oppose a pose
  4. The ketchup will catch up
  5. The mustard must turd
  6. Here, I shall focus on a faux cus: A faux cus is a fake swear word, like, “diddlepoody”.
  7. I accrue a crew
  8. I attack a tack
  9. I can afford a Ford
  10. I acquire a choir
  11. My specialty is special tea

And now, for some left over word oddities:

Why do we write things down but type things up? Of course you can get written up if you’ve been a bad type at work.

It was a tired, retired tire, attired entirely in tie-dyed Thai ties.

Alternative spellings & meanings:

Explain means to get off the plane, at least when it’s written explane.

Refer is what my dog does right after he sheds, only it’s written refur.

And finally:

I was cooking strained peas the other day, but they got out of control and I had to restrain them.

Thank you and good night; you’ve been a wonderful audience.

Click on this daisy for some more word fun: 


2 Responses to My Specialty is Special Tea

  1. What about:
    1) “Master, stir the flea in your tea
    2) Do not donate to Daisy (hehehe)
    3) DaisyBrains reigns supreme! (really!)
    4) Plain Jane is a Jain (Jainism is the name of a religion and Jains are its adherents)
    5) Don’t Marry, Be Happy. Pea-head! (no offence intended!)
    6) Paper per Pa is passe
    7) Rees’ diaries these, dearie!
    8) School is cool for Tony’s niece
    9) Arab-Israe piece is… pooh!


  2. […] Homophonia: My Specialty is Special Tea GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); GA_googleAddAttr("Origin", "other"); […]


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