Free Idea #8: Talking Dog Toys

This one is an easy multi-million dollar idea. All I ask is that you name the product line “Daisybrain,” or “Quimby.”

These days, talking toys are a dime a dozen, so why not a talking dog toy? Many breeds of dogs enjoy picking up objects like squeeze toys and walking around with them. I suggest that when the toys are picked up by the dog, the pressure causes messages to issue forth. They could say things like, “Let me out, please.” Or, “I would like a walk.” Dogs could be trained to bring over the toy that says, “I want to go out,” when they actually want to be let outside.  Here are some suggestions for messages that individual dog toys could repeat:

  • “I’m a big dog!”
  • “Meow!”
  • “I need to pee.”
  • “Pet me.”
  • “I am your dog.”
  • “Pay attention to me!”
  • “You are living with a large carnivore capable of eating you. I just thought you should know.”

Feel free to add suggestions in the comments section.

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  1. […] Free Idea #8: Talking Dog Toys « Daisybrain says: June 9, 2010 at 8:58 pm […]


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