Police Vs. Clowns

What is it with clowns and police? There seems to be a world-wide phenomenon of clowns confronting police. I have compiled some photographic evidence that has convinced me that when it comes to Police vs. Clowns, clowns will always win. I mean, no matter what happens to the clowns – arrest, pepper spray, beatings, the resulting picture shows that the clowns always have the last laugh.

I culled these from the internet, so most of them are unattributed. Please let me know if you know of any additional photo credits that should appear, or if the owner would like them removed.

So, without any further ado, I present:

Police vs. Clowns


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This daisy leads to more clowntradictions:


3 Responses to Police Vs. Clowns

  1. Jenny Rieth says:

    Then there’s the Anarchy [?] Clowns for Christmas, I think. It’s in San Francisco and more cities?


  2. Rio says:

    I love it! Recently we had the G-20 in Toronto. It was shameful.

    I didn’t even think of going down there to protest. (Osteoporosis) I know as North Americans we tend to love our police, at least on television, but put so many in riot gear and they no longer have brains.

    A friend of mine in her 80’s commented:”Look at them, banging on their shields some of them just babies! They look at the same time terrified and terrifying!”


  3. hijinxparty says:

    Wonderful! A staggering collection of cops and clowns.


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