Words That Should Be

Confission: Confusion about fission, maybe confusing fission with fusion.

Fart: Short for “Fine Art.”

Politack: A political attack.

Politactic: A political tactic, possibly involving politacks.

Membrain: The part of the brain that remembers things.

Forgret: Forgetting to regret, or regretting something you forget.

Televasion: When people in the other room have the television on so loud it feels like a TV invasion (I am experiencing this as I type this post).

Ramoan: To moan about how the Ramones should have been granted greater commercial success.

Apartmint: The delicious little mints that your landlord should leave for you every day in a special box at the door of your apartment.

Democats: Cool cats who hang out in alleys canvassing for Obama.

Republikin: People who are Republicans because their kin folk are Republicans.

Need morer newerer words? Follow this daisy:

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