Free Idea #9: Change Birthdays

Currently, birthdays really commemorate birth dates. From now on, celebrate your birth day each week it comes around! If you were born on a Tuesday, every Tuesday is your birthday!

Here are some other ways to mark your birth:

  • Celebrate your birth week once per year. The party would last a week and there would be plenty of time for friends who forgot at first to quickly go out & get you a present.
  • Celebrate your birth hour; if you were born at 4:00, your birth hour celebration only lasts 60 minutes, but each time 4:00 rolls around you can celebrate again!
  • Celebrate your birthday for as long as the labor took – be sure to thank your mother during that time.
  • Celebrate your birth year for a whole year. This would be nice, since each year is the anniversary of your birth year, so the celebration just keeps going.

Which every version you choose, happy birth commemoration to you.

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7 Responses to Free Idea #9: Change Birthdays

  1. l0oree says:

    Here’s to my son asking me another question I have no clue: to generate electricity do you have to have a coil and a magnet both or will just one of the two work? He thinks about transportation a lot too. Could we have like the bank tubes instead of roads ride inside tube shaped vehicles through the tubes powered by pressed air? Also he asked could they not improve the wheel by now? Maybe computerchip them or something really the wheel turning is all that has to happen. Any help with these questions would be appreciated.


    • EricIndiana says:

      Hello Doreen,

      You need both a magnet and a coil. The moving magnet causes electricity to flow through the coiled wire.

      I’ve daydreamed about pneumonic tubes for transportation for years now. I was just talking about that today with my son on a long car ride.

      That’s funny about the wheel. I always thought that one improvement would be to add a magnet and coiled wire to car wheels so they generate electricity while they spin, but a friend once told me that since you can’t generate more power than you put into anything that that wouldn’t work – that it would take more energy to spin the wheel than you could get by generating an electric field, so I don’t know.


      • l0oree says:

        hello, this is lori’s son nathaniel. i this is weird i havebeen thinking the same exact thing of puting magnets and coils into tires but not to supply all the energy but simpily to make the vehicle more energy eficient. it would be kind of like recycling energy. my mom had an idea that you might possibly be able to recycle gasoline be condensing the vapours but i thought that it would be very har since there are alot of chemicals involved. also, my mom got the question i wanted to ask wrong i wanted to know if it matters if the coil or the magnet spins.


        • EricIndiana says:

          I think that in hybrid cars, the wheels do supply some electricity during coasting and breaking. There has to be something moving to create an electro-magnetic field, so the magnet or the coil has to spin to get the electrons moving at higher energy states. It doesn’t have to spin – it can be set up for other kinds of movement, like moving the magnet up and down inside the coil, but I don’t know much about that. Here’s a link:


  2. l0oree says:

    And as far as birthdays go I like the idea of the day of the week you were born as the birthday. Me and both children were born on wednesday. august 12 1970, march 25 1992, december 31 1997. we would party every wednesday.


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