Marriage Improvement, New Useful Words, and Myths Debunked


Marriage Suggestion

Marriage should be a renewable contract with a set time period. Since five years is recognized as a significant hump in a relationship, that might be a good time to set your initial marriage to. Couples would promise to give it a go for the allotted time and then decide whether or not to renew the contract. That way, if after a five year span, if a couple wanted to call it quits it wouldn’t be considered a failed marriage – they would have succeeded in staying together for the agreed upon time. People newer to romantic relationships might want to try a two year marriage at first.

New Words

Transmission: A mission to change your gender.

Transfusion: A fusion power plant run by transgendered people.

Transatlantic: A good name for a transgender cruise line.

Transport: The airport where the transgender airline TransAir lands

Modern Myths Debunked by Daisybrain!

  1. Contrary to popular belief, Hitler was not a vegetarian. He was a voracious sausage eater and received injections of pulverized bull testicles.
  2. In contrast to the wisdom we accepted from our parents, alcohol does not kill brain cells. In moderate doses, in fact, it has been shown to accelerate brain cell growth in mice.
  3. The war in Afghanistan is not the longest war in American history, no matter how many times the media says it is. The longest was the U.S. war with the Apache nation from 1840 to 1886.


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