Tune Out Fox News!

I have started a Facebook group urging people to politely ask businesses to turn the channel from Fox News. It seems like every waiting room has Fox News spewing out their hateful, idiotic fake news, and I fear that it has an effect on the public’s perception of reality. Having right wing propaganda on in the background, at barely audible levels, may even be more harmful than having it on loud enough for your conscious mind to reject its illogical spewdom. I just made up that word, by the way. You are free to use it.

Last I checked, we have 134 members of the Facebook group, “Ask Businesses to Tune Out Fox!” I am hoping to soon reach a tipping point at which group membership will take off exponentially and people all over the United States will feel emboldened to ask management to change the channel.

Activism used to take so much effort. Now I just start a Facebook group and feel good about myself.


After Facebook ended Groups, I created this page as a Facebook “Cause” and have fixed the link to send folks here.

One Response to Tune Out Fox News!

  1. About a year ago, I asked our business’ bank to at least rotate their lobby news. They switched over to 100% CNN. The poor tellers had to sit through Fox all day, every day — a form of workplace cruelty.


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