Minor Mutants

When I watched the various X-Men movies, it struck me that there would have to be some mutants with significantly lesser powers that Dr. Xavier would have taken in to his school. Not everybody can turn completely invisible, go through walls, control the elements or blast death rays out of their eyes. Here are some possibilities of mutants whose powers might seem less useful for a superhero, but I am confident would exist in the X-Men Universe:

  • Fast Blinker: Can blink really fast
  • The Urinator: Can pee extraordinary distances
  • The Waterer: Can make it rain lightly, in limited spaces (good for gardening)
  • Eerie Ear: Can make his left ear invisible
  • The Hand Shaker: Has a really great hand shake – I mean REALLY great!
  • Rubber Arms: Can, at will, make her arms all rubbery
  • The Nose: Has 3 nostrils
  • The Shedder: Can instantly shed all of his body hair
  • Operetta: Can sing opera… backwards!
  • The Stacker: Unusually good at stacking things up in a neat pile
  • The Decorator: Possesses an uncanny sense of style
  • The Strange Eater: Can drink milk and strong citrus products, like lemon juice, without getting sick
  • The Doodler: Amazing doodling powers
  • The Procrastinator: Me

Do you have any suggestions of other likely minor X-People of the future? Please share them in our comments area. Perhaps you are The Commentor.

Beneath this flower lie some important questions, like Why are movie superheroes always revealing their allegedly secret identities? Click for more…



8 Responses to Minor Mutants

  1. Editor B says:

    I would rename Operetta to Atterepo.


  2. The Twiddler – is able to twiddle, not just thumbs, but all digits at once, and in rapid braid-like patterns that allow her to dig through soft loam and some forms of wallboard almost as fast as a shovel or hammer.


  3. EricIndiana says:

    Foldit – Can do incredible origami quickly, even with non-origami paper. This could impress the enemy.


  4. EricIndiana says:

    Spasmodica. I’ve always liked that name.


  5. Ludwig van Beethoven. Like da Vinci — is it spelled with a D.


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