Link Fixed

Just a note to let my readers know that I have responded to the oodles of emails informing me of the broken link in the post,

Daisybrain Included in Top 7 Web Sites List.

The link has been repaired and it now takes travelers to:

The Most Important Web Pages in the Universe


5 Responses to Link Fixed

  1. l0oree says:

    this is nathaniel again. i have another question for you:the green screens that is used by weather forcasters use to show the map, do they have to be green or can they be any color but they just chose that color because it is rarly worn


    • EricIndiana says:

      Hi Nathaniel. I didn’t see your comment until today. Originally the screens were green that were used in film to “key over” for special effects, like in Star Wars to make the ships look they they were in space. All the green would be cut out and replaced with another video image. They used green because it was the least common color for people to have in their clothes. Now, it can be any color, although green is traditional and still preferred. If the weather forecaster has a green tie on, then the map will also come out in place of his tie, so they have to be careful.


  2. Samir Hafza says:

    In your complaining about the idiom, “Head over heals in love,” you have used the phrase, “on a regular basis.” You should have said, “regularly.”

    It is the way of language, I suppose: after numerous iterations and alterations people say things they’ve heard without stopping to think if they are correct. 😉


    • EricIndiana says:

      Thank you, Samir. You are quite right.


      • Samir Hafza says:

        Since you care about the integrity of the English language, as I do, may I recommend this “little book of bad English,” titled, “Between You and I”? Some of the misuses the author cites will make your blood boil and blood pressure raised–systolic and diastolic.

        The disheartening thing about the book is that the writer has a section of misused phrases he terms as ‘Lost Causes’. (Example: AS and LIKE.) Moreover, some, he thinks, have become too formal for current use.

        Then again, a friend, laughing in her sleeve (and probably calling me “pompous”), consoled me by reminding me that the language is forever changing. Do you want English to become like Latin-a dead language?

        Still, I will never use the word “who” in place of “whom” or “me” in place of “I”, another Lost Cause.


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