Some Questions

  • Why is it always “East meets West,” and never “West meets East”?
  • Why is it always “Boy meets girl,” and never “Girl meets boy”?
  • Why is it always “Democrats and Republicans,” and rarely “Republicans and Democrats”?
    • By the way, if you don’t believe me, look it up on Google: “Democrats and Republicans,” gets 5,820,000 hits, while “Republicans and Democrats” gets a mere 777,000.
  • Why do we always hear that someone was “brutally murdered”? Doesn’t the “brutal” part go without saying?
  • What does it say abut our culture that the phrase “Proud conservative” appear 186,000 times in a Google search, but “Proud liberal” appears only 48,100 times?
  • When we call someone a “drug abuser,” is that to distinguish them from a regular illegal drug user who has not gone so far as to abuse the drug?
  • Why does “North and south” appear almost 9 times as often as “South and north” on Google (12,800,000 hits vs. 1,460,000 hits)?
  • Why does “East and west” appear about 7 and 1/2 times more often than “West and east” (11,600,000 hits vs. 1,570,000 hit)?
  • Why do we say, “Northeast,” and not “Eastnorth”?
  • Why do we say, “inside out,” and not “outside in”?
  • Why does “Gay and lesbian” appear over 4 times as often online as “lesbian and gay”?
  • Why do we say, “Men and women,” and not “women and men,” but we also say, “Ladies and gentlemen,” and not “Gentlemen and ladies”?
  • Why do you think that “Men and girls” appears online about 13 times more often than “Women and boys” (108,000,000 vs. 8,330,000)?
  • Why did the entire world agree to the order of “John, Paul, George and Ringo”?
  • Why is it “Us vs. them” and not “Them vs. us”?
  • Why do men still stand and pee into toilets when it’s obviously so messy?
  • Why do I ask so many inane questions instead of going to bed on time, doing my assigned work, and voting for the party that everybody else is voting for while muttering vague and unsubstantiated complaints about Obama?

Here are some Strange Word Thoughts.


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