The Trouble With Harry – Questions About Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I

Like 16 million other people, I went out to see the latest Harry Potter film the other night. For a movie without much plot progression it was quite entertaining, and the 2 1/2 hours flew by. However, I was left with a few questions.

These questions come to me as someone who hasn’t read the books, so maybe those a bit more dedicated Potter fans out there can clue me in.

1. Apparating. This is the method that magic folk over the age of 17 use to quickly move from one setting to another in a puff of smoke. Apparently, for more than one person to apparate to the same location, they must hold hands.

  • Why don’t the characters apparate away when they are being chased on foot by bounty hunters? Why don’t they apparate all the time to get out of trouble?
  • Since there has to be physical contact for two people to go through the same apparition vortex, how is it that Bellatrix’s knife could follow the heroes through the apparition hole without already physically contacting them?

2. Time-Turner. Why doesn’t Hermione use her time-turner to get more than 1 thing done at a time? The time-turner was the clock-thing that Dumbledoor gave her in an earlier movie so that she could be in two places at once.

3. Cloak of Invisibility. It seems like Harry’s cloak of invisibility would have come in useful, especially when sneaking about the Ministry of Magic. Why doesn’t he use it in these latter movies?

4. Gryffindor Sword. How is it that the important Gryffindor sword happens to be in a frozen creek right where Hermione and Harry apparated themselves? Didn’t Hermione just pick some spot from a childhood memory? How did the sword get there?

5. 3D. Why wasn’t the movie in 3D? Actually, I may have found the answer to this one on line – it appears that they had technical difficulties adding the 3D effects in time for the film’s release. But it still strikes me as odd in the face of every other film being in 3D, from “The Nutcracker” to “Yogi Bear” to “Emmanuel 4.”

6. Harry’s vision. This is perhaps the biggest mystery of the series. With all of their limb-reattaching, body-altering magic, why don’t they fix Harry’s vision?

Whenever magic of any kind is introduced to a story are potential problems like some of the ones above. For example, when the crew of Star Trek’s Enterprise discovered that they could travel back in time by directly mixing matter and anti-matter, why didn’t they then undo every problem they encountered, from Horta misunderstandings to the death of Captain Kirk?

I patiently await elucidation by the many Harry Potter experts whom I assume read this blog.

Here’s one of my first posts: a review of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.


10 Responses to The Trouble With Harry – Questions About Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I

  1. ilene says:

    the consensus of people in the know:

    1a. because they want to end up in the same place, and for that to happen they need to be in physical contact, but they are too busy running away. when fleeing, they are in their reptilian brain and the limbic system prevents them from accessing their neocortex, which would tell them to stop and hold hands and get the heck out together.

    1b. because the knife was in contact with dobby’s chest.

    2. she gave it up because it was too dangerous

    3. if they had worn the cloak in the ministry they would not have been able to have the the conversations with the people there, and would not have known where to go. way too dangerous and not as useful as the polyjuice potion.

    4. it will be revealed in part II.

    5. you know better than we do

    6. part of his persona. would be much harder to tell the real harry after they drank the polyjuice potion in the first scene. and plus it would be much harder to dress as harry for halloween.


  2. Kavana says:

    Additions to 3: The invisibility cloak doesn’t make you intangible. In a crowded place like the ministry, it’s not fool proof. Plus, Mad-Eye Moody’s Eye was at the ministry, which could have alerted Umbridge since the eye’s enchanted to detect invisibility cloacks too.

    Additions to 4: The same way the doe patronus turned up.


  3. Kavana says:


    Spelling jinx today. Sorry.


  4. EricIndiana says:

    Thank you all for your quick and satisfying answers!


  5. Sayla says:

    2. All the time-Turners were destroyed in the 5th book, when they were running through the ministry. It wasn’t in the movies though.


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