Aurora Borealis Now Visible

The Aurora Borealis is visible right now in my neighborhood. This is odd, since I live in New Hampshire. But what else could vertical glowing occasionally flashing smeary clouds be in the dark of night? It’s the first time I’ve ever seen it. I was out walking my dog (an occasional contributor to this blog) when I noticed the display. I dragged him about half a mile, running to tell my family so they could come out & see it before it faded away.  I kept wanting to shout, “THE AURORA BOREALIS!” and wake up the neighborhood. But we’re not exactly that tight-knit a community, so I thought I should constrain that urge. It was a big display, not all swirly like those ghostly sci-fi looking greenish images that you see from Alaska, but, like I say, vertical glowing smudges spiking up. It was a perfect example of accidental beauty.

Now, I have to disclose that it did not appear to be exactly in the Northern sky, in fact, I thought that direction, where I just saw it, was South. But, I am hoping that my hopelessly bad sense of direction explains this apparent anomaly.

For an unrelated story of my adventures in New Hampshire, click here.


14 Responses to Aurora Borealis Now Visible

  1. daisy's mom says:

    Lucky you!!! The only time I saw the northern lights was in New Hampshire, on a very cold night. Mostly greenish vertical sheets of color, just like you described. I saw it to the east, but I don’t think the direction matters. Duke is a brave dog — Daisy will not go for a walk in the dark.


  2. kikikho says:

    Hey you! I don’t know if you remember me, but I used to use Blogger…swtxiwhes? remember? you probably dont. i’m surprised i remembered your url! haha. how’s it going there?


  3. Chad says:

    i live in claremont wondering how far i will have to travel to see it ?


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