Free Idea #10: Ice Cream Balls

Here’s an idea from my son that you can sell to a novelty ice cream company and make millions of dollars:

Ice Cream Balls

The ball of  ice cream would come completely enrobed in a spherical sugar cone. I can see the commercials now, involving kids tossing each other ice cream balls. There would be ice cream sundae balls that included a layer of fudge. This will be the biggest thing since Combos put cheese inside pretzels.

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6 Responses to Free Idea #10: Ice Cream Balls

  1. daisy's mom says:

    Like mochi ice cream, but with a hard shell. How about a surprise pack where you don’t know which flavors you’re going to get?


  2. Samir Hafza, PharmD says:


    First, I am going to be a little hard on you today.

    Second, I am utterly disappointed by your ice cream and chocolate “ideas”, and I thought you would at least consider the epidemic that now surrounds us: childhood obesity that has passed the tipping point in America, and you seem to have forgotten about the nasty diseases that will definitely result from this obesity, which are going to be a huge impediment to putting our fiscal house in order. Yes, childhood obesity is going to be as difficult a problem as dealing with Medicare or fixing our Social Security system. Get your facts.
    Caffeine (with an “e” in the end) is not the only culprit in chocolate, as you should know. In addition, not all people are vegetarian like you with hopefully clean blood vessels.Every year, we are becoming a nation of fat, obese people at an alarmingly earlier age than you can imagine.

    Christmas time or not, you should not be indulging in talking about sugary foods.

    There are a host of healthier alternatives to entertain peoples’ palates, rather than this unhealthful, fat-producing, diabetes-causing crap with which you have started your blog. You seem quite skillful in researching Google. So, it would be irresponsible if you didn’t post healthy alternatives to your unhealthful “ideas” ASAP.

    And while you’re at it, you may recommend that these poor pre-diabetic kids go to their doctor and add to their ice cream balls the following: Glucophage (Chemically known as Metformin) 500mg BID and Amaryl (Glimepiride)1 QD. These meds should slow down their disease progress you are encouraging, if not causing.

    Very truly,

    Samir Hafza, PharmD


  3. EricIndiana says:

    OK, could we fill them with “ice-milk” made from flavored frozen milk?


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