State Sign Suggestions

Here are some suggestions for welcome signs that states post on their highway borders. My apologies to those unfamiliar with U.S. states; perhaps this list could serve as a travel aid:

“Welcome to Indiana – the State Between Ohio and Illinois.”

“Welcome to New Hampshire – Not quite Vermont.”


“Welcome to Rhode Island, Home of Lobsters and Mobsters”*

“Welcome to New Jersey – Enough with the Exit Ramp Jokes Already!”

“How Did You End Up in Idaho?”

“If We Have to be Called ‘West Virginia,’ How Come They Aren’t Called ‘East Virginia’?”

“You’re not in Kansas Anymore – Oops, Yes You Are”

“Welcome To the Void that is Not New York”

“Illinois: Sell a Seat, Swear, But Always Perfect Hair”

“Texas: Controlling the Education of the Nation through Textbook Manipulation”

“Not Welcome to Arizona”

*I can’t take credit for “Lobsters and Mobsters.” It  was a suggestion for the state’s motto, submitted to a Rhode Island paper.

This daisy contains some Brand New Words!



3 Responses to State Sign Suggestions

  1. Editor B says:

    And of course:

    “Louisiana: Third World and Proud of It.”

    That’s a bumper sticker down here, actually.


  2. bracketbracket says:

    Missouri Loves Company


  3. Suzeq says:

    Ha Ha! I live in Dela-Where! That’s great! I have actually asked me if we were a county in Maryland!!


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