Ends and Odds

Here are even more oddities about the English language:

  • Why do we say, “even and odd,” but when it comes to ends and odds the odds go first?
  • Please stop saying, “but yet.” But and yet mean the same thing. Try, “and yet,” or just, “but.”
  • Here’s an old classic that recently reared its nonsensical head: “Irregardless.” It generally suffices to say, “regardless,” unless you are  trying to negate the negative and come up with an adverb form of regard.
  • “Same difference”: Huh?
  • How about didgeridon’ts for those who don’t like didgeridoos?*
  • “Republicans” can be rearranged to spell Snare Public. Perhaps that’s behind their success in tricking people to vote against their own interests.
  • Democrats, on the other hand are generally dismissed as bleeding hearts (“Democrats” rearranges to spell Cared Most) and educated elites (also spells out Smart Coed).
  • I’ve often wondered why Democrats, even when they control both houses of Congress, act like they are the minority party and Republicans seem to run the show, controlling the terms of the debate and pushing the Democrats into compromises that the Republicans end up not supporting. Maybe it’s just the names of the parties:
    • “Democrats” contains scared, tame, coma, dream, soar, roam, star, stream, cream, ascot, care, dote, comrades, credos, mores, E.R.A., eros, Macs (Republicans use PCs), modest, rose, sacred, and Ted (as in Kennedy).
    • “Republicans” is full of words like: rules, race, run, princes, sire, sure, user, cruel, spar, nail, inure, snap, slice, slap, bruise, pain, rape, abuser, slain, sniper, crab, pincer, saber, lance, spear, pliers, carbine, burin, cleanup, ban, sue, ruin, snub, ire, snarl, rail, sneap, snip, snipe, rasp, spiel, unclear, lies, liars, slur, rubes, saps, scab, rasebrisancelucre, pale, aliens, bile, brucine, urinal, renal, penis, urine, anus, arse, crap, panic, peril, relic, club, lair, insular, snare, arsine, lues, rabies, arsenic, burns, burial, R.I.P., penal, nuclear, supernal, sin, risen, praise and, just to freak you out: Israel.

You may be asking yourself, “Why are there so many more words hidden in ‘Republicans’ than ‘Democrats’?” The reason is that with Democrats, you get pretty much what you see – a disorganized group of polite dreamers who want what’s best for everyone. They’re like the Canadians of American politics. With Republicans, there’s a hidden agenda, and somehow that agenda has something to do with words like, abuser, liars, and penis.

*Thanks to George Carlin, who suggested cheese fondon’t for those who don’t like cheese fondue.

Click the flower for some more political words within words, plus other English fun:


5 Responses to Ends and Odds

  1. Samir Hafza says:

    Also,please stop saying “Between you and I.” Between, from, and to are prepositions and take the accusative form of the noun. Even the people who are unaware of this basic grammatical rule would cringe when they hear “The distance between we and that hill” or “From I to you.” or “To I and my wife. Yet all too often nowadays we find people saying, or even writing, “Between you and I” or “To Mary and I” or “From my wife and I.” This oddity probably arises from a feeling of discomfort about using the word “me,” a sense that it is somehow impolite or “uneducated.” It may be that this has arisen from hearing other people saying “Me and Bob went to the game.”
    Whatever the reason, they need to start saying “Between you and me.”


  2. DemocratDaisy says:

    Sorry, but the political angle and obvious close-minded bashing ruined this whole list.


  3. Geoff says:

    I believe same difference is an oxymoron.


  4. Osmosis Oladimeji says:

    I just love this oddities.


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