Hodge Podge

Fat Cat is a game in which participants take turns describing and guessing a rhyming 2-word phrase. Example:

Person 1: “an obese feline”

Person 2: “a Fat Cat”

Since the title of this post, an expression that means a collection of disparate things, probably comes from old English words that mean farmer (“hodge”) and stew (from “pot”), in the game Fat Cat, Person 1 might supply the hint, “a rural stew.” But that would be a bit obscure. Here are some killer Fat Cats (to go along with my earlier post that included Fat Cat ringers) to help you impress that English major from down the hall:

      • presidential monk: Obama Llama
      • rancid cloth – Rotton Cotton
      • ceramic vulva – China Vagina
      • unsubstantiated cancer: Tumor Rumor
      • terrible butthole: Heinous Anus
      • intelligent flatulence: Smart Fart
      • 17th century humor: Baroque Joke

And now for the rest of the hodgepodge:

Grammar tip of the Day: “Nother” is not a word. So if you derive pleasure from driving people like me crazy, use “nother” in a sentence, as in, “That’s a whole nother piece of the problem.”

Is Sarah Palin a secret Muslim? Why else would the letters of her name rearrange to spell Sharia Plan??? Quick – somebody tell the Tea Partiers!

The Republicans are probably too tame for Ms. Palin. After all, the Republicans’ Grand Old Party rearranges to reveal their true message meant to entice voters: “Try Old Grandpa.”

Perhaps Ms. Palin is really a Libertarian, like Ron Paul. That might help dispel rumors about her secret Sharia Plan. But wait – that’s worse! “Libertarian” has the word “Taliban” in it!

Speaking of ill-defined, endless wars of ideology and religion, Al Qaeda is said to be big in Yemen. But, since Yemen already rearranges to spell “Enemy,” it seems the U.S. would look there first. Perhaps a safer location would be El Salvador, which rearranges to spell out the innocent sounding “Salad Lover”! Another option might be Argentina, which can spell “Anti-Anger,” as well as the friendly sounding, “A Neat Grin,” and the hospitable, “A Great Inn.” But wait – Argentina’s no good – it also spells “Iran Agent,” which might catch U.S. attention. They might be better off in Armenia, since no one would suspect “A Marine.” Or they could hide out in Mongolia… except that “Among Oil” might be too obvious a place for a U.S. invasion.

More anagram fun: A good name for a South African Safari company: Safari Touch, which is an anagram of South Africa. But if you get injured on Safari, you can call your trip A Hurt Fiasco, also an anagram of South Africa.

And finally, Armageddon has been in the news here in the U.S. recently, where it failed to come about despite a Christian radio personality predicting it. What kind of people believe in such things? Well, armageddon does rearrange to reveal, “A Dogma Nerd.” Armageddon might also reveal something about the person who predicts it: “Darn, Mad Ego.” Of course, a closer look at the name of the recent proclaimer of armageddon gives us some clues to what’s going on; Harold Camping is none other than, “Champ Liar Dong.”

Click the flower to reveal The True Names of Towns (and one province):



2 Responses to Hodge Podge

  1. Alice says:

    Really enjoyed reading the new stuff you posted.


  2. a bird rescued from the BP oil spill: a slick chick


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