Brain Anagrams

Ways to remember brain functions:

1. The Neocortex

This is a recently evolved part of the mammalian brain. It’s the large portion of the brain that houses executive functions involving abstract thought and language, and sends out motor commands. There is no hotter executive than the neocortex.

In fact, an anagram for The Neocortex is No Hotter Exec.

2. Prefrontal Cortex

The prefrontal cortex is the specific part of the neocortex that sorts out issues of morality, contemplates future consequences, and controls social behavior.

An anagram for prefrontal cortex is Far Control Expert.

3. Parietal lobe

The parietal lobe is associated with movement.

An anagram for parietal is A Pirate.

4. Occipital Lobe

The occipital lobe has to do with visual processing.

When you think of “occipital,” think of Coital Pic or Cat Oil Pic.

5. The Limbic System

This is the evolutionarily oldest part of the brain, where primitive emotions reside.

Just think of it as the Bitchy Smile Stem.


Here are some more anagrams that make sense:



CAPITAL PUNISHMENT = A SILENT PANIC THUMP (That one doesn’t make literal sense, but it’s poetic.)

TELEVISION = ‘TIS EVIL ONE, or more scientifically, TELEVISION = EVIL ION SET. But, it’s not all bad; after all, television IS LOVE NITE.

And, with the sad passing of Peter Falk, I give you:

Columbo = Cool Bum

And, here is a flower portal to another brainy post:


8 Responses to Brain Anagrams

  1. Robin says:

    I like bitchy smile stem.


  2. Me too! These are very clever.

    Thanks for your comment on “Ha! The Man of Great Rat (The Art of the Anagram).”


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  4. Smudge says:

    Exactly how is “A pirate” an anagram for Parietal?


  5. Fenners says:

    La Pirate?


  6. […] Many modern anagrams are used as another form of reinforcing information like  parts of the brain! […]


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