New Political Terms of 2011

I just thought of this palindrome:

Egats! No rats star on stage.

You may be thinking, “‘Egats’ is not a word,” and you may be right. However, the following are also not words, but that won’t stop me from thinking them up and typing them here:

Palindrone: Droning on and on in front of cameras in order to keep yourself in the media so you can continue to secure large speaking fees at right-wing political events.

Bidentity Crisis: The condition suffered by Joe Biden when he feels obligated to support a policy in Afghanistan that he disagrees with.

Bachmanna: The hilarious things that fall from Michelle Bachmann’s mouth to sustain late night comedians.

Paulitics: Inserting a Libertarian into a lineup of Republican presidential candidates.

Olbermanure: When Keith Olbermann goes overboard in his Special Comments.

News Corpulence: A bloated media empire.

Trumpelstiltskin: An evil imp who commands much attention until he is called out for his lies and falls deep into a media chasm, never to be heard from again.

Iraqateering: What Haliburton, Blackwater, and others contractors have gotten away with in Iraq.

Talibanjo: The favored instrument of a fundamentalist bluegrass faction that seeks musical hegemony and mandatory “folksiness.”

Feel free to muck about Daisybrain for more political and other neologisms. Behind this daisy you’ll find some Improved Words:



One Response to New Political Terms of 2011

  1. Samir Hafza says:

    My favorites: “News Corpulence” and “Iraqateering.” Very clever.


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