Surprisingly Non-Virginal Google Phrases

After discovering so many Virgin Googlisms, I figured it would be easy to come up with more phrases that don’t appear on the internet. Instead, I discovered that the following unlikely phrases actually do occur in nature, so to speak. They are rare, but they pre-exist this post:

  • “Organize your farts” (2 results)

  • “I’ve got a golden ticket in my ass” (1 results)
  • “Drop and give me eleven” (2 results)
  • “My dog is my cat” (217,000 results)
  • “I don’t think, therefore I’m not” (89,800 results)
  • “I don’t need my penis” (5 results)
  • “I’m a smart politician” (2 results)
  • “Keanu Reeves can really act” (3 results)
  • “Michele Bachmann is not insane” (7 results)
  • “Bagpipe music is lovely” (1 result)
  • “I know what a pancreas is for!” (1 result)
Here are some that until this post were still Google virgins:
    • “The internet is declining in popularity”
    • “Transformers is a wonderful movie”
    • “I know where my can of shaving cream is”
    • “Why people eat liverwurst”
Out of 16 trillion* web pages, many of the above phrases only have two or three occurrences. Apparently, only one person on the planet has ever claimed to know what a pancreas is for and only three are bold enough to state that Keanu Reeves can really act. To see if a phrase is a google virgin, be sure to put quotes around it in the search field so the words have to occur exactly as written.

*made up number


2 Responses to Surprisingly Non-Virginal Google Phrases

  1. Samir Hafza says:

    “Women are two kinds: pre-op and post-op” – (zero)

    “Obama is half-Indian” – (1)

    “Obama is a Jew” (2,270,000)

    “Osama Bin Biden” (?)

    “Casey Anthony is Guilty” – (3,470,000)

    “Casey Anthony is innocent” – (146,000)

    “Casey Anthony is hot” – (guess 🙂


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