New England Life

Unknowing Politeness

Impersonal Kindness



What was that word?

I can’t go on without that word.

My life is at a standstill.

My Addiction

What happened to the chocolate?

I know I didn’t eat it all.

I only had a piece or two.

It’s 11:00 – where can I get more chocolate?

I need chocolate.


I don’t share your values

I’m here undercover

I’m an alien

You seem like nice people, but if you knew me, you would hate me.

School World

“Please disregard the bell until it rings.”

“Take off your hat – it’s not Hat Day!”

“I know that look! I have a teenager of my own! I’m writing you up!”

“No spaghetti straps.”

“Four fingers above the knees.”

“His whole family is like that.”

“I know you want to save her, but she’s been like that since 4th grade.”

“This year we will will turn the whole school into a testing factory.”

“You are not here to be their friend.”

Be Change

Be the change you wish to see in the world

Be the change you wish to see

Be the change you wish

Be the change



Beneath this flower lie some more of my poems: dasy

3 Responses to Poems!

  1. abichica says:

    what an interesting collection of poems..:-D


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