New Words You May Not Have Known You Needed

  1. Hando – a hand-written typo – “It’s not supposed to say ‘parslip,’ that’s just a hando.”
  2. Magnifiscent – a really great smell – “What’s cooking in here? It’s magnifiscent!”
  3. Dinosore – a little boo-boo on a dinosaur’s paw – “The T-Rex is just cranky because she has a dinosore.”
  4. Pterodactill – a sick pterodactyl – “She’ll fly when she’s not such a pterodactill.”
  5. Trash Can’t – When the trash is just too overflowing and heavy to take out to the curb – “I’d love to take out the trash, next  time you have a trash can. As it is, I just see a trash can’t.”
  6. Gelatte – a gelato latte (somebody start making & selling them!) – “I’ll have a hazelnut mocha creme anglaise gelatte.”
  7. Incestors – When it turns out that your ancestors were closely related before they got married – “You mean that grandma and grandpa were… inscestors?”
  8. Joyify – to make more joyful – “That song is too depressing. They need to joyify it.”
  9. Inbow – the inside of the elbow – “My inbow itches.”
  10. Lipbrow – formerly known as a mustache – “My lipbrow itches.”
  11. Uberlip – the place where a lipbrow grows – “My uberlip itches.”
  12. Parslip – a slippery parsnip – “The parslip is on the floor… again.”

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3 Responses to New Words You May Not Have Known You Needed

  1. daisy's mom says:

    you’re funny. you should write a fictionary.


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