Be the First to Use these Fresh, New Words!

Here are some new words. Many of them come from my 11 and 13 year old children:

A new term of endearment for you to use: Dear + Darling = Dearling

Funcle: a fun uncle (not to be confused with funkle, a funky uncle)

Recyclopedia: an encyclopedia of reused words (or, as my daughter says, an encyclopedia of homophones)

Docktour: a tour of a dock, of course. I guess a Doctour would be a tour of a hospital staff

Insanitize: To make insanely clean

Judge-mental: When you judge someone so harshly that you sound “mental.”

Prefurred: The state you are in right before you pet your shedding dog.

“Drop and roll” is the advice given to people who are on fire. But who has time for three words when they are on fire? It should be shortened to “Droll“.

The word “groan” needs to be divided into two versions: Groahhh!, a groan of pleasure, and Grouch!, a groan of pain

Sustain: A Stuttering stain

Need more vocabulongation? Under this flower you’ll find some words that should be:



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