Werd Thots

Some of these come from my cousin Judi.

  • When it comes to sugar, we have both sugar-free and sugarless. So why do we say fat-free, but never fatless, and speechless but never speech-free? Further observations of -free vs. -less:
    • Soy-free, not soyless
    • Dairy-free, not dairyless
    • Gluten-free, not glutenless
    • GMO-free, not GMO-less
    • Salt-free, not saltless
      • But then we have:
    • Flourless, not flour-free
    • bottomless, not bottom-free
    • feckless, but not feck-free
    • brainless, but not (often) brain-free
    • Topless, but not top-free
    • Humorless, but not humor-free
    • Fearless, but not fear-free
  • Isn’t it ironic that “phonetic” is not phonetic – it’s spelled with a “ph”,  and “monosyllabic” is not monosyllabic, it’s polysyllabic?
  • I don’t know if this is telling in the sexual harassment scandal, but “Herman Cain” is an anagram for “He can ram in.”
Here are some expressions that start good but end badly:
“Laugh your head off”
“Laughed so hard I cried”
“Eat until you burst”
“A good man is hard to find”
“Love is a battlefield”
“All’s fair in love and war”
“Love hurts”
“Nice guys finish last”
“Happiness is a warm gun”
“The good, the bad and the ugly”
Beneath this flower lie some other words about words….

4 Responses to Werd Thots

  1. Hmmm…well, I think a couple friends and I used to have some joke about brain-free in college. I can’t remember how it went exactly, except that we’d end up referring to someone (usually my friend’s ex-boyfriend) as “free from brains”

    There must be some method to the madness! At least it seems like there should be. The top ones all refer to food, whereas the bottom (except maybe for the flour) were all words before the current trend of marketing a food for what it lacks. I have to admit to having tried certain things just because they’re free from some ingredient I didn’t even know existed…

    In any case, nice post!


    • EricIndiana says:

      Well, when I started making the list, I thought that maybe if it’s a main ingredient, like flour, that maybe that determined that it would be a “flourless” cake instead of a “flour-free” cake. The “-free” version makes the ingredient sound like some sort of contaminant, like “preservative-free” or “poison-free.” You may want to be completely “free” of some things, like something you’re allergic to, but “flourless” sounds more magical, like the absence of flour is a special, mystical achievement. Maybe sugar goes both ways because sometimes it’s the main ingredient and sometimes not. or maybe I’m over-thinking it, as usual.


  2. rick says:

    Andy Rooney’s dead.

    Go for it!


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