Homophonia! Or, How You Spell Things Matters!

Consider the differences in meaning between these phrases that sound the same but are spelled differently:

  • “You’re in danger!” vs. “Urine danger!” Of course, maybe you’re in danger because of urine danger, I don’t know.
  • “Scientists have discovered rings around Uranus,” vs., well, you can guess that one.
  • “But, what do you want from me?” something I might ask my wife, vs. “Butt, what do you want from me?” something I might ask my butt, depending on what I ate in the previous 24 hours.
  • “Believe me, Honey!” vs,   “Bee, leave me honey!”
  • “I ain’t got nobody,” a century-old American song, vs. “Eye ain’t got no body,” which could have been a song from the movie, “The Crawling Eye.”
  • “He knows,” vs. “He-Nose,” a particularly masculine and heroic schnoz.
  • “This bad pirating has sunk sails,”  a complaint of the Royal Navy, vs. “This bad pie rating has sunk sales,” the pie industry’s complaint about http://www.pieratings.com.
  • “Toy, let me play with you,” sounds pretty innocent, vs. “Toilet, me play with you.”
  • “Ten tickles will get you!” something you might say while playing with a child, vs. “Tentacles will get you!” something you might say to warn a sailor not to venture into giant squid infested waters.
  • And, of course, the joyful, “Ice cream sandwiches are here!” vs. the ominous, “I scream: Sand witches are here!”

Here are some challenges for readers: Come up with identically pronounced sentences that include:

  • “innocent” vs. “in a cent”
  • “realize” vs. “real eyes”
  • “raise your hand” vs. “razor-hand”*
  • or come up with your own & share in the comments section

*That one is thanks to the Dancing Cigarettes

More Homophonia:

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