Suggestions for People Who Make Things

Daisybrain Presents:

Suggestions for People Who Make Things

Bathroom Sink & Faucet Makers:

Eliminate that annoyingly hard to clean gap between the back of the faucet and the wall behind the sink


Design or source the visor and rear view mirror in the Corolla so that the visor can be opened or closed without knocking the mirror out of whack.

Microwave Oven Manufacturers:

Get rid of the unnecessary beeps, or at least have the option to turn off the beeping that tells us that our popcorn is done.

Furniture Makers:

Rounded corners on bed frames to cut down on shin injuries.

House Builders:

1. All houses should come with solar panels pre-installed.

2. Houses should come standard with exercise bikes built in to the electric grid to encourage exercising & generate electricity for the house.

Car Companies:

Cars should also come with solar panels on top to charge the batteries.

Movie Producers:

Make an original work of art, instead of just playing it safe by re-hashing previously successful films, TV shows and books.

Keyboard Makers:

Give us a cent key and get rid of the ~ or the |, or maybe the { and }.

Makers of Stairs:

The landing at the bottom should be undergirded by a foam layer to reduce the seriousness of injuries that result from falling down the stairs.

Bathtub Designers:

Same as stairs – lots of people slip in the tub. The tub should be kind of spongey and soft.

Bed Makers and Astrophysicists:

Zero-Gravity Beds. No more smooshing one side of your face. No more cutting off the circulation to your arm. Just imagine the comfort of really drifting off to sleep.

Are you an inventor? Click the flower for something that needs inventing:

8 Responses to Suggestions for People Who Make Things

  1. Ironically, I’m typing just after waking up and the circulation has just come back to my right arm. Some fine suggestions here! I’d also like to suggest Blackout material for bedrooms and beds that rock you to sleep. And something that temporarily stops you from thinking so you can drift off easier.


  2. You know, I like this. But PLEASE don’t take away my ~~~~~~~ ! I use it all the time. Why, I even used it seven times in this comment alone!


  3. theanythingplace says:

    I couldn’t agree more with the Toyota haha and a cents key would be nice. I bet there is some short cut you can do like alt key + #’s I know a backword question mark can be done that way :p


  4. jim bean says:

    im sure u could wear a magnetic suit and be held in the air while u sleep likeantigravity.f


  5. It is my belief that the vast majority of microwave manufacturers either license or blindly reverse-engineer the same program to drive their front panels and the associated beeps. How else to explain how every one I’ve ever owned has user interface issues that somebody like me would gladly fix if they paid me even minimum wage to re-write the program?

    Listen, microwave makers: if I press Start/Stop and then the next key is a digit, it means I want to modify the time. It does NOT mean that I am having a seizure and accidentally fell against the microwave. So please don’t beep three times to remind me to press Reset after Start/Stop in order to change the time!


  6. emilylutzker says:

    You should get some people to create designs for these things and post them on
    Or else post the ideas there and find a collaborator. This is how innovation happens! All of these things are needed!


  7. Oh I’ve been thinking the same thing about that bicycle thing for a long time!!! When I used to have a gym membership, I could never help but think about all that energy going to waste. All those people bicycling at all hours of the day! I agree about the sink too. It gets so gross back there so easily.


  8. Rick says:

    U suck dude!


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