The Great (Daisy) Brain Experiment Part I

As previously discussed, I am in the midst of a brain experiment. I have been at a creative impasse in my blogging. And so, starting last night, I have been using all standard and alternative methods I can think of to hone my cognitive powers, in order to produce an ingeniously clever blog post. As I type, it is 12:47 pm and I have thus far accomplished the following brain-enhancing behaviors:

  • Last night, I played a round of brain exercising games on Lumosity.
  • I got more sleep – well over eight hours – than I normally get in two nights.
    • (Note: I have to admit that I drank a cup, not a glass but a cup, of red wine and ate about a pound of chocolate, which may have heart benefits but might have interfered with sleep a bit.)
  • This morning, I drank some unsweetened ginger-flavored kombucha tea, which is probably the healthiest thing you can consume outside of the blood of virgins.
  • I moderately exercised, and while on a treadmill I read, rather than watching TV as usual, since I believe that TV sucks intelligence directly our of your cerebral cortex. Furthermore, I was reading a physics book. OK, well, it was actually How the Hippies Saved Physics, but still, it was intellectually stimulating.
  • While in the shower, I did cross-meridian finger exercises meant to utilize both sides of my brain. First, I touched my thumb to each finger – pinky, ring, middle & pointer and back again, with both hands, with one hand ahead of the other by one, two, or three fingers. I also fingered a B-flat concert scale from a baritone horn with both hands, arms crossed, with left and right hand out of sync with one another. I’ve been practicing this for some time, so it wasn’t hard. You could substitute any scale and any instrument’s fingerings.
  • While typing the paragraphs above, I ate breakfast:
    • a tiny quantity of liquid CoQ10 with flax oil, followed by an apple-cinnamon flavored mix of chia seeds, flax seeds and hemp seeds in warm, filtered water. Sprinkled on top was some unpleasant-tasting lecithin, which is a traditional memory enhancing food.
    • I also ate my daily multivitamin pill, a vitamin D pill (thanks to the recent partially discredited craze surrounding vitamin D), and, in order to live forever, two “Resveritrol” (a super-antioxidant) capsules.
  • I will now brew some concentrated ginkgo biloba tea and use it to gulp down an array of natural brain supplements.
This flower will take you back to the start of this experiment:
The next phase of the experiment is reported underneath this flower:

This just in: My stepson wants me to take him out to see the movie Tin Tin. Will a Hollywood 3-d children’s adventure film ruin my experiment? Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of the Great (Daisy) Brain Experiment!


7 Responses to The Great (Daisy) Brain Experiment Part I

  1. l0oree says:

    Lmao I wish this was a sit com. People everywhere might choose to eat healthy exercise vs pill popping smoker drinker. But the Doreen brain thinks there always needs to be balance with everything that you do. I wish the movie to be over the top enjoyed. 🙂 Its a new world with food containing less nutrients than the made vitamins so ya I always search for the vitamins first while grocery shopping. V8, slim fast, juices, fruit, vitamin water and muscle milk are my most bought by me. After those all I need is the junk and my diet is complete. When pregnant both times did not know til 2 trimester and my complete diet consisted of slim fast V8 in that order daily for my lunch. As a teen weird also was the only two beverage I would drink for years were milk and water. This lasted up until age 17 and my sister introduced me to a wine cooler for the first time.


    • Aw man LOoree, I always wished I could be one of those people that didn’t know they were pregnant until they were already having the baby. But I’ve always spent way too much time throwing up. Maybe slimfast and v8 is the secret cure for morning sickness!

      And hope the movie was good! Reading on a treadmill is hard (because the words bounce around) but that’s what I like to do.


  2. Anthony Lee says:

    I found this post via the subreddit “nootropics”. I don’t want you to think I am simply self promoting, but I really did just write a book that focuses on the many methods of cognitive enhancement (
    But….aside from that, I wanted to say that I experimented with a nootropic called Pramiracetam (totally safe and nontoxic) along with some Isochronic tones (brainwave entrainment), and wow….that creative impasse wouldn’t stand a chance against that powerful mixture. Just sayin.
    If you’d like to know the specifics of where to get these things, let me know.


    • Dom Pasquale says:

      I’m currently testing Creatine. I’ve ordered Choline, Piracetam and Pramiracetam. I’ll report the results of my experiments in this blog.


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